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eFootball 2025 Update: No More Contract Worries in Dream Team

eFootball 2025 - No More Contract Extensions in Dream Team

On Thursday, July 11, Konami surprised everyone with the first official news about eFootball 2025. They also released a small update (3.6.2).

The biggest news is about the Dream Team mode. Konami said, "We listened to your feedback and decided to remove the player contract period with the update (version 4.0.0), coming in autumn 2024."

This means that starting with version 4.0.0, you can use all your players without worrying about contract lengths. You can even use players whose contracts have expired. Konami also said they will give "compensation items" to players with unused 10 or 60-day contracts. They will share more details about these items later. So, keep your expired special cards safe!

Inactive Accounts Will Be Deleted

Konami also warned that accounts inactive for more than six months will be deleted when the eFootball 4.0.0 update comes out next fall. Once deleted, accounts cannot be restored. To keep your account safe, make sure to log in regularly and collect login rewards. Konami will talk more about this later.

Note: Contracts used before Update 4.0.0 will not get a refund.

Fans of eFootball 2025 have exciting changes to look forward to. Removing contract periods in Dream Team mode shows that Konami is listening to players. This change lets you focus on building your team without worrying about contracts, making the game more fun.

The promise of compensation items for unused contracts is a nice touch. While we wait for more details, it's smart to keep any expired special cards.

The warning about deleting inactive accounts is important too. Just log in regularly to keep your account safe and not lose your progress.

These updates show Konami's commitment to making eFootball 2025 better. What do you think of these changes? Share your thoughts below!

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The Future of eFootball 2025: License Challenges and the Return of Edit Mode

The Future of eFootball 2025: License Challenges and the Return of Edit Mode

In the ever-evolving world of football video games, licenses play a crucial role in delivering a realistic and immersive experience to players. However, according to recent insights from Durandil PES (@Durandil67), eFootball 2025 is set to face significant changes that may affect its authenticity and appeal to fans.

License Turmoil: A Step Back for Realism?

One of the most striking revelations from Durandil's tweets is that at least four currently licensed leagues will lose their official licenses in eFootball 2025. This means that teams from these leagues will no longer carry their real names, logos, and kits, instead appearing as "fake" or generic teams. The leagues affected include the Danish, Swiss, Chilean, and Brazilian D2 leagues. Additionally, the Eredivisie, the top professional league in the Netherlands, is entering its final licensed season with Konami, with its renewal uncertain.

This shift represents a historic regression for eFootball, a game that has prided itself on offering authentic football experiences. For players, the presence of unlicensed teams can diminish the sense of realism and immersion that makes football games so enjoyable. The impact of these changes could be far-reaching, affecting player engagement and satisfaction.

The French Ligue 1 and McDonald's Branding

Amidst these licensing challenges, there is a silver lining for fans of French football. Durandil notes that the French Ligue 1 will not be affected by the loss of licenses and will continue to feature in eFootball 2025. Moreover, the league will retain its McDonald's rebranding for at least another year, ensuring that fans can enjoy their favorite French teams with all the official branding intact.

The Return of Edit Mode: A Glimmer of Hope

While the loss of licenses is a significant setback, Durandil hints at a potential positive development for eFootball 2025: the return of Edit Mode. Buried in the game code for three years, this mode has been eagerly anticipated by the community. Edit Mode allows players to customize teams, players, and leagues, effectively circumventing licensing issues by enabling users to recreate real-life teams and competitions themselves.

The resurrection of Edit Mode could be a game-changer for eFootball 2025. It empowers the community to take control of their gaming experience, offering a solution to the problem of unlicensed teams. With robust customization tools, players can maintain the authenticity and realism that they crave, even if official licenses are lost.

The Road Ahead

The transition to a higher number of unlicensed teams than licensed ones in eFootball 2025 is a challenging development for Konami and its player base. The company will need to navigate these changes carefully to retain its loyal fans and attract new players. Communication and transparency about these shifts, as well as providing robust customization options like Edit Mode, will be key to maintaining player trust and engagement.

As the landscape of football video games continues to evolve, one thing remains clear: the passion of the eFootball community is unwavering. Whether through official licenses or community-driven customization, the love for the beautiful game will always find a way to thrive in the virtual world.

Stay tuned for more updates on eFootball 2025 as we approach its release, and keep an eye on how these developments unfold. The game may be facing a historic regression, but the community's creativity and dedication promise to keep the spirit of football alive and kicking.

Source: Durandil PES via Twitter
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eFootball 2025: Release Date, New Features, and What to Expect

eFootball 2025: Release Date, New Features, and What to Expect

According to Durandil PES, the next update, 4.0.0, will bring us the highly anticipated eFootball 2025 "big" season update. While we await official confirmation of the exact release date, here's what we might expect:

Exciting New Features in MyTeam!

One of the highlights could be new online features in MyTeam, focusing on player progression and booster training. This promises to add a new layer of strategy and excitement as you develop your ultimate team.

Changes in Stadiums and Licenses

With this update, we might see some changes in stadium licenses. Sadly, some licenses may be lost, and new fake stadiums will be introduced. The three fake stadiums making a comeback from PES are Burg Stadium, Coliseo de los Deportes, and Rose Park Stadium. Additionally, there are slots reserved for even more fake stadiums to be added exclusively in Dream Team mode.

Unfortunately, Monza's "U-Power Stadium" may disappear due to an expired license. But don't worry, AC Monza's fake logo has been included since update 3.6.0, keeping the club in the game.

No Master League at Launch

It looks like Master League won't be available at the launch of this update. While this is a bit of a disappointment, there's still plenty to look forward to with the new features and stadiums.

Graphical Improvements and New Features

eFootball 2025 will include graphical improvements like every summer, but don't expect to be too impressed. However, there are rumors that the hairstyle system will be significantly better, especially for new faces. Additionally, Exhibition mode with all teams and settings has been ready in-game since 2022 but has been purposefully blocked by Konami.

Stay tuned for more updates and the official release date announcement. The new season is shaping up to be an exciting one with eFootball 2025!

Source: Durandil PES via Twitter
G. Leroy ( / blog writer.
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