eFootball FPS Limit and VSync Patcher [Update V2.11]

eFootball FPS Limit and VSync Patcher

eFootball 2024 FPS Limit and VSync Patcher by Cadi Lillian - The Patcher got a new name based on the new big feature.

The idea:
Being able to easily change the FPS Limit of eFootball to the desired limit and enable/disable VSync in a portable, easy-to-use, fast, and low-resource software while being user-friendly thanks to a modern, simple designed GUI.

Change the FPS Limit of eFootball to your desired limit
Enable/Disable VSync for eFootball

New Feature: 
VSync Enabler/Disabler

New UI layout, elements, and behaviour

Added Offline Optimization for Steam and MS Store eFootball Version 3.0.0
Added VSync status to info panel based on hidden settings in eFootball.
Added Checkbox to enable/disable VSync for eFootball.
Changed the "Reset to default Limit" checkbox label to "Default Limit" for logical reasons based on the following improvement:
The checkboxes for Unlimited FPS and Default FPS are now automatically ticked according to the current limit when the patcher is launched.
The FPS limit slider is now automatically set to the current limit when the patcher is launched.
Performance enhancements

Update Information:
Added Offline Optimization for Steam eFootball Version 3.3.0

Simply copy/move the Patcher in the directory of your eFootball Executable and run it.

Windows 10
An active internet connection is recommended but not required.
Update Check and Online Optimization require an active internet connection.

Download "eFootball Patcher 2.00"
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If the download didn't start automatically, click here

To download the new Update Version 2.11, start the eFootball FPS Limit and VSync Patcher 2.00+ from any location and click on the Download button that you will see in the notification (pop-op) when the patcher is launched, or alternatively download it from the OP or directly from the GitHub Releases page.

If the new update 2.11 is not working for the MS Store version of eFootball, please provide the unmodified and dumped .exe of the MS Store version in the eFootball Executable Archive - Steam + MS Store.
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  1. ok ! it's install in efootball=binaries=win64. But i'm lost wih this patch... what is the best config ? if i want test 120fps ... i try understand the vidéo but i'm not specialist

    1. This tool is made to be able to change the FPS to the desired limit, there is no perfect configuration, you make the settings according to your preferences

  2. Hey guys... I did as instructed and ran the program... I added fps and vsync, however, the game doesn't open, it says it is being used by another process. When I close the program, yes, it opens, but the fps does not change.

    1. The game won't start while the patcher is running, this is by design. Select your desired FPS, then click on Patch (as you see in the gif image above) then close the patcher program.


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