PREMIUM: PES 2021 Wembley Stadium Aerial Tunnel & UCL Final Ad Banners (Early Access)

PES 2021 Wembley Stadium Aerial Tunnel & UCL Final Ad Banners

eFootball PES 2021 PC Wembley Stadium Aerial Tunnel & UCL Final Ad Banners (Patreon Early Access) made by Papijonnnn.


Improved and Realistic Lighting and Color Correction
Papijonnnnn was able to edit the light files, fine-tune them, and even add a few spotlights to make them look like the real stadium lighting you see on TV. He also edited the "lut" files, which are responsible for the color correction and overall look of the stadium. The default Konami lighting for the stadium was far too bright and looked nothing like real-life matches.

Papijonnnnn created advertising billboards based on the setup for the UEL Final (minus the billboard video ads on the camera side of the goal). He added all the ads and made them as accurate as possible throughout the stadium, from top to bottom, including the LED ring around the upper tier of the stadium. As you can see in the previews, during the player walk-out and half-time, the middle adboard opens up down the middle so the players can go in and out of the tunnel. Just another small detail to add more realism. 

Papijonnnnn added the actual tunnel to the stadium, based on real images, and added the UCL Final Branding to the tunnel for the UCL Final Match.

UCL Final Entrance (Only Compatible with Entrance Server by @Balkan PESBOX)
Papijonnnnn made (from scratch) the UCL Final Entrance, which has been integrated into the stadium files to replace the ones that originally come with Entrance Server by BalkanPESBox.

Papijonnnnn made the exterior of Wembley as well to add a bit of pre-match excitement to the match. Using Google Maps 3D tiles and creating the exterior from scratch with the help of some assets from Konami exteriors, he individually added spotlights around the exterior to mimic real life! The only small issue he had were these distorted, zebra-like lines on the roof. He might fix this in a future update.

Other Details
Other small details that have been added by Papijonnnnn include real-life corner flag designs for the UCL Final, improved textures and materials, and re-did Konami's staff walk and scarecrow to fit the adboard curving around the stadium. The players on the bench are wearing UCL bibs, he re-added crane cams behind the goal, and HUGE thanks to MONOSANG for allowing the use of his GFX Wembley Turf, which is VERY accurate and more! I invite you to explore the stadium as you play.

Download (Early Access)

The free version will come after a week or two, but will not include the Wembley Turf GFX due to the request of Monosang.

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