PES 2021 Sider 7.1.3

PES 2021 Sider 7.1.3

Sider 7.1.3 by juce

- fixes for crash-on-startup issues that some folks have had since version 7.1.0


How to update your existing sider:
Replace sider.dll with the new one. Keep all other files that you already have.

Note: if you already have sider.dll, then you don't need to do anything - you are already up to date.

How to Install: 
Move the folder that you just unpacked from the ZIP archive into a place, where your Windows user account has full permissions. I very strongly recommend using one of these standard locations: Desktop, Documents, or your home directory.

Starting with version 6.3, sider has no external dependencies, meaning that everything that sider requires is included in its folder. You do not need to install any additional software to be able to run sider. You must have at least Windows 7 64-bit or newer (Sider will not work on XP/Vista).

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  1. hello mate, can i ask how to fix sider, i have many stadiums in stadium server for just about all the teams even national teams but today sider seems to not be working as i wanted to play some friendly's with some new stadiums attached to teams in map txt but for some reason sider is not loading the correct stadium it's like it's just selecting a random stadium , like say i played at say bologna home ground it plays at a random stadium and not there home ground yet it did before even if i choose any team the other day it played at there ground that i have them in the map txt yet today it's just picking any random stadium, at first i thought maybe it was the new sider so i restored it to 7.0.2 but it still done the same, i dunno why it's doing this as it always worked fine and always used the correct stadium from the map txt, i hope you know a way of fixing this for me cheers

  2. i also thought maybe i made a mistake in the map txt and did not type it correct but i checked it and everything is correct so i have no idea why suddenly sider is just picking random stadiums for the friendly and not the home teams ground like it used to do as i played many friendly's yesterday and everything was fine so i have no idea why it's doing it now

  3. or is there a new stadium server version out and that is why the stadiums are not loading correct and if so is't easy to update it like we do for sider without losing anything or do we have to copy and paste all our stadiums into the new stadium server


  4. Why is sider shutting down when launching PES?
    see logs:

    "Sider initialization complete.
    Initialized in 0.125 seconds
    Posted message for sider.exe to quit"

    1. install the new version


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