How to Install Sider 7 for PES 2021 Season Update [PC]

In today's video, I'm going to be showing you a quick tutorial that will show you how to install Sider 7 for the PES 2021 Season Update the PC version.

There are a lot of tutorials that will show you how to install sider 7, but most of them will not show you how to install it correctly, that's because many of them don't know that it's not recommended to install sider 7 in the same location as the PES 2021 folder, this is because every time Konami installs a new update or a new DLC, these updates may delete important files that will lead to the incorrect function of the chest 7

The creators of this tool strongly recommend installing the sider in a place where your Windows user account has full permissions, one of these standard locations: Desktop, Documents, or your home directory.

What is Sider 7
Sider is a helper program for Pro Evolution Soccer on PC. It allows for small tweaks - such as "free side-select" it also facilitates game mods, created by the modding community. The two main features are LiveCPK and the scripting engine, where you can write your own mods in the Lua programming language.

How To Use
Sider itself does not require Administrator privileges, you should run it under your regular account - the same one as you would use to start the game without Sider.

The new method (preferred)
The new one-click way is enabled by default now and it is super easy: just run sider.exe, it will open a small window, then it will automatically launch the game itself, then the Sider application will exit, but the game will continue running with the sider.dll loaded into it.


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