PES 2021 Sider 7.1.2

PES 2021 Sider 7.1.2

Sider 7 Update by juce

- added support for 1.06.00 game .exe


How to update existing sider:
If you already have 7.1.0, then just replace sider.dll with the new one. That's it.

How to Install: 
Move the folder that you just unpacked from the ZIP archive into a place, where your Windows user account has full permissions. I very strongly recommend using one of these standard locations: Desktop, Documents, or your home directory.

Starting with version 6.3, sider has no external dependencies, meaning that everything that sider requires is included in its folder. You do not need to install any additional software to be able to run sider. You must have at least Windows 7 64-bit or newer (Sider will not work on XP/Vista).

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