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EA Sports FC 24 Transfers Squad 24/25 Update V3 - Transfers - Promoted Teams

24/25 Transfers Squad Update V3 For FC 24 (New Managers - Players - Transfers - Promoted Teams) - ViP3eR has just released the highly anticipated Squad Update V3 for FC 24, packed with exciting new additions for the 24/25 season. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest update:

Squad File Features :
New Wonderkids
New 24/25 Confirmed Managers
New 24/25 Confirmed Transfers
Updated Promoted and Relegated Teams

Don’t miss out on the action—download ViP3eR’s Squad Update V3 for FC 24 now! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this update promises to enhance your gaming experience with fresh content and updated features.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as ViP3eR continues to refine and improve FC 24’s squad files. The 24/25 season is shaping up to be an exhilarating journey, and ViP3eR’s updates ensure you’re at the forefront of all the action.

EA Sports FC 24 Transfers Squad 24/25 Update V3 by ViP3eR
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in the video description HERE

EA Sports FC 24 Club Anthems (Real Madrid)

EA Sports FC 24 Club Anthems Real Madrid

EA Sports FC 24 Club Anthems (Real Madrid) TU14

Real Madrid Club Anthems made for EA SPORTS FC™ 24 by qh7modder - When you sign a player or sell a player, don't skip the press cutscene. 

Experience the excitement of Real Madrid like never before in FIFA 24 with EA Sports FC 24 Club Anthems (Real Madrid) TU14! Created by qh7modder, this pack brings all the buzz of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium right to your screen. 

From thrilling match wins to epic trophy celebrations, it's all here. Whether you're signing a player or sealing a deal, feel the thrill with real entrance and goal songs. Step up your FIFA 24 game and dive into the world of Real Madrid!

The pack includes Real Madrid Match wins and trophies celebrations, transfers and negotiations, and entrance and goal song anthems.

  • Real Madrid Match wins and trophies celebration anthems
  • Real Madrid Transfers and Negotiations anthems
  • Real Madrid entrance and goal song

EA Sports FC 24 Club Anthems made by qh7modder
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Download "Club Anthems"
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FC 24 Copa America Promo Leaked: What We Know So Far

FC 24 Copa America Promo Leaked: What We Know So Far

In recent leaks, it has been revealed that the Copa America will be making its way to FC 24 Ultimate Team alongside Euro 2024. Here's what we know so far.

Reputable sources such as @FutSheriff, @DonkTrading, and @AsyFutTrader have disclosed that EA plans to incorporate Copa America into FC 24 Ultimate Team in the upcoming weeks. It is expected to feature tournament-themed Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives. Additionally, leaks suggest that special packs like 81+ x5 and 83+ x5 Copa America Nations packs will be available for purchase.

The timing of the Copa America coincides with the beginning of Euro 2024, scheduled to commence on June 14, followed by the Copa America on June 20. EA seems to be gearing up to offer content from both tournaments concurrently, providing fans with a diverse range of in-game experiences.

Given that Euro 2024 starts first, it's likely that EA will release content for that tournament initially, with Copa America content following shortly after. However, this is speculative, and the exact release schedule is yet to be confirmed.

While specifics about the promos remain scarce, it's been confirmed that an in-game update for Euro 2024 will be implemented in FC 24 soon. The nature of this update is uncertain, but there's speculation that it could introduce a Euro 2024 tournament game mode akin to the one featured in FIFA 23 for the World Cup. However, there's been no indication thus far that a similar feature will be extended to the Copa America.

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EA Sports FC 24 - AO Net Mod

EA Sports FC 24 - AO Net Mod

AO Net Mod - FC24 (PC) was created by AO. Includes two distinct goal net mods for FC24 (PC) that AO created for personal use but chose to share with us. Standard versions are included, as well as ones compatible with Anth's Gameplay Mod. 

As previously stated, there are two versions; download URLs and passwords are provided at the bottom of this post.

Pack (NET) Features:
  1. Tight, Regular & Loose
  2. Shallow, Regular & Deep

1. Tight, Regular & Loose

1. Tight, Regular & Loose

How To:
1. Unzip the file
2. Import the mod into the FIFA Mod Manager
3. Select the mod in Available Mods, then apply the mod

From the main menu settings or before the game starts, go to:
Game Settings > Visual > Net Tension

Set the desired tension.

Please note: If using Anth's Gameplay mod, use that version and place the mod below the Gameplay mod.

2. Shallow, Regular & Deep

2. Shallow, Regular & Deep

How To:
1. Unzip the file
2. Import the mod into the FIFA Mod Manager
3. Select the mod in Available Mods, then apply the mod

From the main menu settings or before the game starts, go to:
Game Settings > Visual > Net Tension

Set the net depth using the below guide:
- Tight = Shallow
- Regular = Regular
- Loose = Deep

Please note: If using Anth's Gameplay mod, use that version and place the mod below the Gameplay mod.


1. Tight Regular & Loose - DOWNLOAD
Password: EAFC24_AONetModTRL

2. Shallow, Regular & Deep - DOWNLOAD
Password: EAFC24_AONetModSRD

EA Sports FC 24 - QH7Mod Press Sponsors #TU13

EA Sports FC 24 - QH7Mod Press Sponsors

QH7Mod Press Sponsors:
Tired of looking at the same generic press conference and post match screen? This mod will replace the generic EA SPORTS theme with an authentic pre/post-match interviews theme.

  • Press Sponsors Arsenal
  • Press Sponsors Chelsea
  • Press Sponsors Manchester United
  • Press Sponsors Real Madrid
  • Press Sponsors English Premier League
  • Press News

QH7Mod Press News: This mod will replace the generic EA SPORTS background on Transfer News with the applied TV News: BEIN SPORTS, DAZN SPORTS, OPTUS SPORT, SKYSPORTS, CNN, SPORT, SUPERSPORT, APPLE TV More to come soon.

Press Transfer News #TU13 PART 2:

EA Sports FC 24 Improved Career Mode Mod

EA Sports FC 24 Improved Career Mode Mod

EA Sports FC 24 Improved Career Mode Mod by Topaz

This mod is for anyone who wants this:
Very hard challenging career mode where finance is a real thing.

Very realistic saves where if you choose a bottom team, you will struggle financially if you don't sell players. It's hard to keep top players if you are a bottom team.

Long-term playability. With the improved player regeneration system, the game always maintains a challenge save year after year for 15 years. Due to AI Managers improving squads by building youth or by properly buying and selling players, the game does not get easier over time.

High replayability. The improved objective system will bring high replayability as each team feels unique to manage.

FC 24 Improved Career Mode mod

Improved youth and new player generation system. Generated players will have way better attribute distribution that's modeled with the current players as well as trait generation. You will have lots of diverse range of players in each position so that the game still feels fresh over time. It's harder to find gems and the regens will slowly grow instead of being at their peak instantly.

Improved staff and scouting. Staff/Coaches' cost and scouting costs are now much more expensive than real-life values. If you want to improve your team, be wary. There is now a cost-to-benefit ratio for all things considered. You cannot get the best coaches, the best team, and the best youth with a bottom team. You really have to work your way up.

Improved player growth. It's now much more of a linear curve rather than an exponential curve. This means that players will slowly grow over time instead of all players immediately being 90+ in just 2 seasons. The dynamic potential has also been adjusted to grow slower and decline faster. This is to balance a player that gets no match experience but still grows to be 90+. Also, attribute distribution for growth is much better. Older lower will lose physical stats more rapidly than any other stats. Older players also get less match experience vs. younger players.

Growth training plans have been improved and will match the player role much better. This also ties to how EA distributed the stats of current players and how attributes shifted over time. You will notice much more balanced training plan growth.

Faster GTN scouting. Based on the judgment and experience of your GTN scout, you will scout players at a faster rate. It makes GTN scouting more useful.

More realistic job offer. Based on your performance as a manager, you will get an equivalent manager position available for you. No longer you can be struggling in relegation and still be offered at teams like Arsenal, and Man City.

Match experience points for growth are now more tied to the match rating. Having continuous bad matches will drop a player's attributes. Passive experience points take account of player's form and morale much more too as well as their age.

Players find it much harder to keep happy. What you promise is more crucial now so be careful when you offer a player contract.

Player Regenerate always fills up a player that retires. So no longer the player count will be lower per season. It keeps the player count steady and filled with proper replacement. Player regen has also been balanced to have a lower overall rating but a higher potential rating so that they can grow over time instead of starting at 85+. After 15 years, player quality won't drop like vanilla games but will be retained steadily.

Player Values have been adjusted to take account of potential, form, and morale a lot. A player in top form just like in real life will be much more experienced. An unhappy player will be very cheap. Keep your player happy and in top form and you will see a huge transfer fee offered for your player.

Youth scouting has been improved significantly. It's much more expensive to hire good youth scouts and to create a scouting network and the players you do find don't have strange attributes anymore. You won't see a player lower than 45 overall and not higher than 80 overall. Their potential varies a lot. The attribute distribution has been fixed to better account for their position as well as their height and weight(so you can have taller players).

Better player match ratings calculation based number of factors such as goals/assists/clean sheet/pass completion/etc. No longer do you score a brace and get 7.5. You will be around 8.5 or greater.

Simming matches are much more competitive and hugely depend on your team's quality and tactics. Every match result will make sense with the added shock factor results as well. The top goal scorers are also very realistic as well as the top assists. The possession and the shot stats also reflect the tactics and the team's quality.

Training has been nerfed a bit to allow attribute growth to be balanced. Training performance is based on form and happiness/morale.

Youth scouting is much more realistic based on the country/continent you try to find a player on. Players in Argentina/Brazil are going to be much more skillful than others and higher chance of finding top players there.

Finance is much more harder and realistic and it's based on real-life values. Depending on the type of team you are on, it won't be unusual to be on a negative balance and have to sell players to gain net positive.

Removed most of the dumb objectives. Now objectives are much focused on either position in your league, the cups you win, the profits, or building youth. None of that buy player from x country crap.

Both CPU and User can have the same quality coaches. For some reason, EA decided to make CPU's coaches worst which made their sharpness worse.

Increased transfer frequency so that all teams can get busy doing transfers. Every team will be looking into selling and buying players to the best of their ability given their funds. Bottom teams will sometimes be looking to sell top players and replace them to high potential lower overall players to grow. There are now buying clubs and selling clubs. Teams in La Liga will also put release clauses on their players much more frequently and will ensure that they extend the contract of their top players given their budget. The transfer deadline has also been extended to 24 hours. The negotiation system has also been improved to be more erratic and random instead of being scripted and predictable. Sometimes a crappy player in top form can be sold for huge profit.

Improved team selection logic. AI managers will select the best team based on the context of the match. For example in a league, they will play their best team. But in early cup competition, they will play youth to get them more match experience. Sometimes manager AI can have issues with a certain player and they will bench them for a couple of matches as well driven by the happiness.

Version supported: TU11

There are obviously even more changes that you can find out by playing. Some of it is surprises. :)
Credit to AUDENTIA for some of the ideas with finances.

Download "Improved Career Mode"
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V / Paulv2k4 EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay

V / Paulv2k4 EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay
V / Paulv2k4 EA Sports FC24 Mods - Gameplay update

AI makes many mistakes and fouls a lot but still can score if you don't pay attention
Passing is based on attributes and the difficulty of the situation, you can no longer play Tika-Taka with the worst players
Shooting is based on attributes and the difficulty of the situation, you can no longer play Van Dijk up front and score 10 goals a game
Movement Speed is reduced. You can feel the difference in weight and attributes of each player
Passing Speed is reduced
Fouls are much more likely to be given
Players take up much better positions when defending, with the gap between midfield and defense fixed
AI will aggressively defend at any cost
Attacking players move a lot more to let you find attacking opportunities
The physical side of the game is very evident. Weight, Height, and Attributes make differences in your style of play
The first touch has been dramatically changed. You must take care of the ball when it's coming to feet. This is heavily based on attributes and situations (like being pressed)

Recommended Settings:
Sliders: Default
Difficulty: World Class
Competitive Mode: Off
Player Based Difficulty: On

Download "EA FC24 Gameplay"
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Gameplay Vanilla Referees
Reverts the referees back to vanilla. For those who don't like the main mod's changes.

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay by Paul-v (V / Paulv2k4)

EA Sports FC 24 - Unlock Edit Player Mod (FREE DOWNLOAD)

EA Sports FC 24 - Unlock Edit Player Mod

Introducing the EA Sports FC 24 Unlock Edit Player Mod - The FC 24 Unlock Edit Player Mod enables editing for both Real and Created Players in the Menu, Career Game Modes, and Tournaments, letting you change the player's athletic, head, kit, clothing, tattoos, and animations.

Want to give your favorite player a new hairstyle? Go for it. Feel like your created player needs a speed boost? No problem! With this mod, you can edit player info, athleticism, head appearance, kit, outfits, tattoos – you name it. 

How To Install?:

Requirements: FiFA Mod Manager 1.1.6 - Required to launch the game with Mods

1. Open FiFA Mod Manager

2. Import and apply this mod. (Don't forget to apply the mod after importing; many folks forget about this aspect of the process.)

3. Start the game with Mod Manager and have fun! (This means applying the Launch button in Mod Manager; many users forget about this aspect of the process.)


FC24 - Unlock Edit Player Mod (FREE) - DOWNLOAD HERE

All Credits To: Aranaktu & ZMSH MODS
G. Leroy ( / blog writer

FC 24 Wonderkids – Best Young Players To Sign In Every Positions On Career Mode

EA Sports FC 24 Best Wonderkids

Best Wonderkids (Young Players) To Sign In Every Position On EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Cheap & Expensive

Ready to build the ultimate squad in Career Mode? Well, you're in luck because I've got the lowdown on the best wonderkids for every position – from goalkeepers to strikers, we've got it all covered.

Wonderkids are EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode's young players usually under the age of 21 with the potential to be superstars. Wonderkid players are in high demand due to their huge potential, and they are important assets due to their potential for growth, long-term investment, affordable transfers, and resale values.

From goalkeepers to attackers, these are the top Wonder Kids in every single position for you to sign an EA Sports FC 24 career:

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Goalkeeper

GK: Grégoire Swiderski  & James Trafford

Grégoire Swiderski is a 59-rated gem with an 84 potential for just 57k. Pair him up with James Trafford, and you've got a dynamic duo that won't break the bank. 

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Defenders

CB: Giorgio Scalvini, Ousmane Diomande, António Silva & Leon King

Moving on to the defense, if you're on the hunt for pace, defending skills, and a towering presence, Giorgio Scalvini is your man. Standing at 6'4", he's a steal at 5 million. And let's not forget the Ivory Coast destroyer, Ousmane Diomande, a bit under the radar but a defensive powerhouse for 15-17 million.

Antonio Silva is a must-buy for those starting big career modes with top clubs – he's a bit pricey at 25-30 million, but you're getting the new Pepe in your team. Now, for the Road to Glory enthusiasts, Leon King is a superb pick at 4 million

RB/LB: Kyriani Sabbe, Rico Lewis & Milos Kerkez

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Midfielders

CDM/CD: Stefan Bajčetić & Arthur Vermeeren

CM/CAM: Noah Lahmadi, Martin Baturina, Martin Baturina, Florian Wirtz & Jude Bellingham

Heading to the midfield, we've got a mix of box-to-box players and playmakers. Florian Wirtz is a personal favorite – he's an absolute beast in the middle. Keep an eye out for Jude Bellingham; yes, he comes with a hefty price tag, but trust me, he's worth every penny.

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Wings

RM/RW - LM/LW: Ben Doak, Gianluca Prestianni, Johan Bakayoko, Ernest Nuamah, Ângelo Gabriel, Nico Williams & Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Now, onto the wings! Gianluca Prestianni is the new Messi in the making, and for a mere 3 million, he's a dream for any Road to Glory game. Johan Bakayoko is another steal at 5 million, and Ernest Nuamah, with his jaw-dropping physical stats, is a must-have for 2.5 million.

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Srikers

ST: Julien Duranville, Allen Obando, Jason van Duiven, Benjamin Šeško & Evan Ferguson

And we can't forget about the striking department. Allen Obando from Ecuador is a hidden gem, going from 65 to 86 for just 1.8 million. Jason van Duiven, the Real Madrid contract signer, is a super striker for 2.5 million. And let's not overlook Benjamin Šeško, who's like a blend of Holland and Benzema – a great pick for 15 million.

Here you have it, FC 24 Managers! A wide variety of wonderkids to help you develop your Career Mode. There's something for everyone, from budget buys to major spends. So, hit the transfer market, sign those contracts, and take your team to victory!

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