FC 24 Wonderkids – Best Young Players To Sign In Every Positions On Career Mode

EA Sports FC 24 Best Wonderkids

Best Wonderkids (Young Players) To Sign In Every Position On EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode Cheap & Expensive

Ready to build the ultimate squad in Career Mode? Well, you're in luck because I've got the lowdown on the best wonderkids for every position – from goalkeepers to strikers, we've got it all covered.

Wonderkids are EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode's young players usually under the age of 21 with the potential to be superstars. Wonderkid players are in high demand due to their huge potential, and they are important assets due to their potential for growth, long-term investment, affordable transfers, and resale values.

From goalkeepers to attackers, these are the top Wonder Kids in every single position for you to sign an EA Sports FC 24 career:

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Goalkeeper

GK: Grégoire Swiderski  & James Trafford

Grégoire Swiderski is a 59-rated gem with an 84 potential for just 57k. Pair him up with James Trafford, and you've got a dynamic duo that won't break the bank. 

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Defenders

CB: Giorgio Scalvini, Ousmane Diomande, António Silva & Leon King

Moving on to the defense, if you're on the hunt for pace, defending skills, and a towering presence, Giorgio Scalvini is your man. Standing at 6'4", he's a steal at 5 million. And let's not forget the Ivory Coast destroyer, Ousmane Diomande, a bit under the radar but a defensive powerhouse for 15-17 million.

Antonio Silva is a must-buy for those starting big career modes with top clubs – he's a bit pricey at 25-30 million, but you're getting the new Pepe in your team. Now, for the Road to Glory enthusiasts, Leon King is a superb pick at 4 million

RB/LB: Kyriani Sabbe, Rico Lewis & Milos Kerkez

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Midfielders

CDM/CD: Stefan Bajčetić & Arthur Vermeeren

CM/CAM: Noah Lahmadi, Martin Baturina, Martin Baturina, Florian Wirtz & Jude Bellingham

Heading to the midfield, we've got a mix of box-to-box players and playmakers. Florian Wirtz is a personal favorite – he's an absolute beast in the middle. Keep an eye out for Jude Bellingham; yes, he comes with a hefty price tag, but trust me, he's worth every penny.

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Wings

RM/RW - LM/LW: Ben Doak, Gianluca Prestianni, Johan Bakayoko, Ernest Nuamah, Ângelo Gabriel, Nico Williams & Jamie Bynoe-Gittens

Now, onto the wings! Gianluca Prestianni is the new Messi in the making, and for a mere 3 million, he's a dream for any Road to Glory game. Johan Bakayoko is another steal at 5 million, and Ernest Nuamah, with his jaw-dropping physical stats, is a must-have for 2.5 million.

Best FC 24 Wonderkids Srikers

ST: Julien Duranville, Allen Obando, Jason van Duiven, Benjamin Šeško & Evan Ferguson

And we can't forget about the striking department. Allen Obando from Ecuador is a hidden gem, going from 65 to 86 for just 1.8 million. Jason van Duiven, the Real Madrid contract signer, is a super striker for 2.5 million. And let's not overlook Benjamin Šeško, who's like a blend of Holland and Benzema – a great pick for 15 million.

Here you have it, FC 24 Managers! A wide variety of wonderkids to help you develop your Career Mode. There's something for everyone, from budget buys to major spends. So, hit the transfer market, sign those contracts, and take your team to victory!

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