SP Football Life 2024 MEGAPATCH 2.0 AIO + 2.1 UPDATE

SP Football Life 2024 MEGAPATCH 2.0 AIO

MEGA PATCH 2.0 AIO (08/07/2024) - The most COMPLETE patch for SP Football Life 2024


This is a totally AIO (All-In-One) pack of mods that have been tested, polished, relinked, and adapted for FL24. It's not compatible with any other PES 2021 version out there.

This only includes what is explained below. Faces and Stadiums are not bundled or included in the AIO pack and they're explained later in this post.

I highly recommend doing a clean install of Football Life 24 + Update 2.0, or at least cleaning up anything related to previous Megapatch versions.

In case you have Faces V3 installed, you can save the three folders (Faces, Ref Faces, and Classic Faces) by cutting them to another location, and then after installing MegaPatch 2.0 you can put them back in.

This patch includes everything updated to 30/05/2024 for teams + EURO and Copa América and there's nothing related to 24/25 season content.


Copa América 2024 full entrance isn't done yet by any modder so it will display EURO 2020 banners and flags at the entrance. Maybe in the next few days, we will have one. This modder (PES GUATEMALA) is working on one:

Of course, there will be some wrong specific things, especially in lower leagues. We tried to relink all the things for MLS and Greek League (badges, scoreboards, kits...) so there shouldn't be any issue with that, but sometimes you can see things such as other tunnel entrances in competitions such as ICC, which doesn't have any specific entrance assigned.

Cutscenes worked perfectly on my Master League, but in case someone experiments a hanging loading screen or similar, you should disable them in Sider.ini (Immersion Mod 2.0 + cut-scenes.lua)


Lineups and call-up updates for some teams, especially for EURO and Copa América. Better starting lineups and some players that shouldn't be there (Guendouzi on France, Livaja on Croatia...)

Kits for almost every team in the game to their actual season. 23/24 kits for the main leagues, some 2024 for Brasileirao Serie A and MLS. Not all as they aren't fully completed out there, but for the main teams (Palmeiras, Corinthians, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, Inter Miami, Los Angeles FC and LA Galaxy, New York FC...). Also love for Greek Super League and other teams such as Al Ahly Cairo.

New menu theme with players like Messi, CR7, Bellingham, and Haaland as superstars, with improved and changed font different from default FL24.

A new soundtrack with 85 songs was released between 2023 and 2024 from a lot of different artists that will play randomly through the game. Music from Twenty-one Pilots, Pearl Jam, Vampire Weekend, Hozier, Billie Eilish, Paramore, IDLES, Kendrick Lamar, Justice, The Warning, Danny Brown and a lot more! You can listen to the soundtrack here: FL24 MegaPatch 2.0 OST

Football4Life Realistic Gameplay 4.3 mod included. The most refined experience on the pitch brought after tons of testing to give a better, smarter, and fairer CPU at the most difficult levels, improve responsiveness and dribbling, and get tactics working as you never experienced in this game.

Bootpack updated to July 2024 with more than 200+ manually assigned boots to players according on their latest performances. You will see the latest Nike Mercurial Superfly, Nike Tiempo, Adidas Copa Predator, etc.

Logos updated to higher quality and with some little updates for those that received a change through this season and improved from default FL24 bundled ones.

Ballpack V46 from Hawke includes more than 1100 balls to choose from. Yes, 1100 balls! From all football eras, older Winning Eleven/PES balls, concept or limited edition ones...

Goalnets are updated and fixed according to their stadium, by FicaBre. You will see new colors and also better net physics thanks to this!

Pre-match and Half-Match intros are included for a lot of competitions! You will see a very short video introducing the competition to give more immersion into it. Also, longer intro videos when you play in Cup Mode, updated to 2024 for the related tournaments.

Animated adboards for clubs and tournaments. You will see moving adboards with the exact same sponsors used in real life. More immersion and realism thanks to this.

Entrances and stadium tunnels are updated for a lot of competitions. You will see the "waving flag boys" in UCL or EURO 2024 matches, or the exact arcs and ball-stands for the leagues.

Entrance anthems and songs for teams when entering the pitch.

SoundServer added. Get more volume for crowd, announcer, music, or pitch sounds, higher and more specific than the default volume controls.

Scoreboards updated and improved for a lot of leagues and competitions. Better pause menu screens thanks to it too!

Chants included from predator002. Same pack as included in the previous MegaPatch, but already includes a lot of chants from a lot of teams in the game.

Choreo and tifo pack included. Fans will show specific tifos when their team plays against their main rival, and also other ones to give support to their club.

Goalsongs are included and updated for a lot of clubs.

Pitch SFX added. You will hear better the kicks on the balls, and contact from the players, and also there are six random whistle sounds for referees.

CustomExhibitionMatch mod included. Play a final match (or regular) for a specific competition in Exhibition mode with proper working scoreboards, cutscenes, and anthems playing with any team!

The cutscenes are back! Immersion Mod 2.0 is fixed for FL24 and you will see new camera angles on fouls, entrance on the pitch, or some longer goal celebrations. They are subtle, but you will notice some of them.

Little extra details there and there: ballboys have an updated tracksuit, also benched players and their bibs. Also staff around the pitch such as cameramen, security guards, etc.

And there's a hidden little extra thing around the game. It's related to some important teams. Let's see who discovers it...


OPTIONAL: in case you have Faces V3 Collection installed, cut out "Faces", "Ref Faces" and "Classic Faces" from SiderAddons/livecpk folders to another location.

1 - Delete your "DT18_all.cpk" file inside Data game folder. It needs to be deleted to get the Gameplay Mod working.

2 - Delete your SiderAddons folder. Yes, the entire folder.

3 - Extract from "MegaPatch 2.0 AIO".part1 RAR the new SiderAddons folder and also Data folder to the root SP Football Life 2024 game folder. Overwrite everything it tells you to overwrite.

4 - Put the EDIT000000000 file inside that RAR overwriting the one that exists in C:\Users\Your User\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\2024\save

5 - My way to launch the game and make sure Sider is running (which is essential to make everything work!) is to launch first Sider.exe inside SiderAddons and then your desired .exe (FL 2024.exe, NOT THE START one). Always as an administrator.

6 - Disable the in-game soundtrack in Game Settings! Or you will hear both soundtracks at the same time.

OPTIONAL: when you are done and you want "Faces V3 Collection" back, put the three mentioned folders back into SiderAddons/livecpk. Lines are already written in Sider.ini.


Sider is the main tool that gets everything working in this game. You should select balls, stadiums, and kits, choose the competition in CustomExhibitionMatch, or change the starting year on your Master League.

It's easy to use, as you open it by pressing "Spacebar". You navigate between the mods/modules by pressing the number '1' and then you need to follow the instructions for each mod. Usually they use keys such as PageDown/PageUP or F3/F4/F5. By pressing the Spacebar again, it will hide again with your desired selections.

This is what allows you to choose between multiple kit versions, the 1100+ balls, the stadiums, the scoreboards, etc.




Quick info:
Fixed with original dt12_g4.cpk the crashes and infinite loadings that some had in Master League.
Fixed Greek scoreboard hanging the game at half-time
Added full Copa América 2024 entrance (wasn't done in time for MegaPatch 2.0).
Optional fix for those that see small font in 4K Resolution - DIRECT DOWNLOAD + TORRENT - ONLY TORRENT FILE

FACES V3 COLLECTION (01/07/2024)

This one was released last week as an external and separate add-on. We reached more than 5400 faces and the size got around 30GB, with Referee and Classic Players included. You can learn more in its own thread here:

Support the MEGAPATCH project with a small donation here

Hawke, predator002, Fallons, Tiozinho, PES GUATEMALA, Yxngxr1, giox92, juce, EDWARD7777, endo, Moiduran2, Twiggy, Holland, elijio, NFS_FM, qtspaghetti, all the VirtuaRED and UML people and more.

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  1. Hi Leroy , amazing job.

    Do you can help me with a little problem?

    The name of a few leagues of my FL24 has changed:

    Bundesliga turns into PEU

    Japan turns into PLA ,

    Champions League turns into European championship , etc

    Please, tell me if you know the way tu put another time the correct names

    Thanks for all your time, job and passion to do all these amazings mods

    Cheers from spain, and sorry about my english


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