SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V4.1

SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V3.2

Football4Life presents to you SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V3.2 with some high-quality changes.

V3.2 Improvements:
1. A lot of work was done on the positioning and movement of the players and I would say it turned out very well. I will mention some of them:
- DF players have always been densely distributed until now. Now DF players will cover more space on the middle tactics, and be more densely distributed on the defensive. In addition to the reality, this change will also contribute to DF players getting more varied and accurate scores at the end of the match, and slightly more spacing between players will give us more chances for better headers, as well as more other shooting chances.
- The MF players have provided good support in the attack so far, but it happened that they were able to go too far in the middle tactics and this often gave the opponent a chance for counter-attacks. That has now been fixed.
- Numerous other changes related to player positions that are now much more logical and realistic.
2. The responsiveness of the players has been increased very slightly, so it does not affect the speed of the game so far.

- A complete game improvement in all aspects.

How to install:
1. Use original FL24 files (dt13, dt16, original "exe" file...).
2. In your "Data" folder, delete the dt18 file (you can make a backup somewhere in
another folder to keep the original).
3. IMPORTANT - Double-check to make sure there isn't another dt18 file under a different
name! Even if you change its name, it will affect the game. The only solution is to pack it
(RAR, ZIP...), or delete it.
4. Copy my dt18 file to the "Data" folder.
5. Enjoy the game!

- Please follow the detailed installation instructions.
- Tested only on SP Football Life 2024!!! PES users will have a slightly different experience!

Download "Realistic Gameplay V4.1"
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Realistic Gameplay made by Football4Life
Special thanks to: Twiggy, FicaBre, elijio876, Lewpop
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  1. Brother, I cannot change the sider.ini file, I get the error "administrator permission is required", what should I do?

    1. Search on YouTube for this tutorial: [FIXED] - You need permission to perform this action - Windows 10/Windows 11

  2. Si descargaro esta ultima version ya vienen incluidos los cambios de las anteriores

  3. Yo, I did this and now whenever i run matches it is stuck on the loading screen :( .

    1. I have the same (keeps loading). And I don't have any other 'cpk.root' lines in sider.ini than 'root' itself and this one.
      Question: if another version (of FL24) was played earlier, can it mix up this game?
      Sider, or...?

    2. The Gameplay has been updated by Football4Life to Version 4.1 Please download again. I hope everything will work as it should now

  4. when u will update the gameplay??

  5. hi guys
    i sadly have to report too many bugs and glitches in v 4.1 gameplay (testad all night since now) i wait for an hotfix soon ^^

  6. i recommend you to add the original data files that u tell we need to use as original

    1. There is no need for me to do this as they are already included with the installation of SP Football Life, this recommendation is made in case you have replaced the original files for various reasons.

  7. can u include the alernative free kick?

    1. I don't know bro, it's not after me, it depends on Football4Life, he is the one who made this gameplay

  8. you have to increase the speed of all shorts passes then lower the goalkeepers inhuman skills (jumps so high that the head of the goalkeeper reaches the crossbar XD ) then u got the PERFECT prototype of gameplay, trust me

  9. I installed the newest 4.1 update. Very easy to install. And after a few games it feels GREAT!
    BUT: at least in France2 that ball is too dark IMO. Is it using a winter ball (without winter weather???)
    BUG: in BAL game I was tackled (and stumbled), and suddenly "my player" was moved about 5-10 metres on its own. That hasn't happened ever before.

    1. that was the kind of bug i mentioned in other comment, i wait an hotfix.
      the mod is great! feel very good to play at high difficulty

    2. I noticed that some times when we have a goalkick, some of our players are like hand in hand - too close each other. On purpose?

      I know that this is problem made by Konami, but...
      advanced through balls are terrible to handle IMO, but basics are weird -
      direction can change even 90 degrees (Konami trying to help???).
      Can anything be done (to basic through balls)?

    3. There are some bugs that need to be fixed, I think Football4Life will do it in the next update

  10. That 'player suddenly moved' thing happens also to opponent players.
    Also, that player, but not the others, can't move or do anything for a second or two.

    Your opinions (and the DEV, too) - are there too few injuries compared to real life?
    In BAL I have had a few minor injuries, yes, but otherwise...


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