PES 2021 Olympiastadion Berlin (2023 Update)

PES 2021 Olympiastadion Berlin (2023 Update)

Thanks to the collective efforts of  DerRobin1 and Balkan PESBOX, the Olympiastadion Berlin, home of Hertha BSC, has received a huge makeover. The stadium's revised edition has some fascinating new elements that are going to enhance the overall game experience.

One of the most notable features is the time-based roof color. The roof of the stadium will change color depending on the time of day or weather conditions, another exciting addition is the animated flags these flags will move in the wind, giving the stadium a more dynamic and lifelike feel, custom banners were also added, and also a custom stadium screen.

  1. Time-based roof color
  2. Animated flags
  3. Custom banners
  4. Custom stadium screen

How to Install:
Extract PES Stadium with WinRAR and copy it to the Stadium-Server folder
... \content \stadium-server

Open map_teams.txt with a text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt 
4125, 038, Olympiastadion Berlin, Olympiastadion Berlin  # Hertha BSC code-box

Go to map_competitions.txt in your Stadium-Server folder then insert the following line:
0, 038, Olympiastadion Berlin, Olympiastadion Berlin, , ,code-box

Extract and copy the "Olympiastadion Berlin" folder inside the Stadium-Server folder ...sider/content/stadium-server

Once you are in-game you can select the stadium via manual selection by pressing number 9 and navigating to the stadium.

Stadium Info:
  • Available Format: Sider 7
  • Mode: Stadiums
  • File Size: 458.8 MB
  • Download file type: Zip
  • Author: DerRobin
  • Current Bugs: The roof does not work in the rain or snow Download Fix here
  • Stadium ID: 038

Download "Olympiastadion Berlin"
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Credits: DerRobin1, _TheSpecialOne_ - Base Model, Balkan PESBOX, olafmatusch - help and sky, endo - turf, esk - Details

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