Defend Like a Pro: The Top 10 Center Backs in eFootball 2023

The Top 10 Center Backs in eFootball 2023

eFootball 2023 Best Center Backs (CB)

If you want to dominate in eFootball 2023, having a strong defense is crucial. And at the heart of that defense, you need a top-class center-back. These players are essential for breaking up play and setting up counterattacks.

Think of the center-back as the anchor of your defense, the player who is responsible for stopping the opposition from scoring goals. They are often the ones who have to make crucial tackles, clear the ball away from danger, and head the ball out of the box. Without a solid center-back, your defense can crumble, leaving your team exposed and vulnerable to quick counterattacks. But with a top-class center-back in your squad, you can rest assured that your defense is in safe hands, and you can focus on creating chances and scoring goals. So if you want to dominate in eFootball 2023, make sure to prioritize signing a strong center-back who can help you build a solid defensive foundation.

But who are the best center-backs in eFootball 2023? Here’s our rundown of the top defenders you can rely on:

Matthijs de Ligt – FC Bayern München | CB
Matthijs de Ligt is the highest-rated defender in eFootball 2023. His incredible defensive abilities, combined with his strength and speed, make him a formidable force on the pitch. He can quickly break up play and get the ball back into the possession of his team.

Thiago Silva – Chelsea | CB
Thiago Silva has been a consistent performer for years and is still going strong. He’s an expert in reading the game and anticipating his opponents' moves, which makes him a reliable and trustworthy defender. With his excellent positioning and tackling skills, he’s a great choice for any team.

Cristian Romero – Tottenham Hotspur | CB
Cristian Romero is a rising star in the world of football and is already making a name for himself in eFootball 2023. His physicality and athleticism make him a force to be reckoned with, and his speed allows him to get back into position quickly after making a tackle.

Alessandro Bastoni – Inter Milan | CB
Alessandro Bastoni is a young defender who’s already making waves in the football world. He’s known for his excellent ball-playing ability and can easily transition from defense to attack. His passing range is also exceptional, which makes him a great asset to any team.

Andreas Christensen – Barcelona | CB
Andreas Christensen is a versatile defender who can play in multiple positions across the backline. He’s great at intercepting passes and has a good understanding of the game. With his calmness under pressure, he’s a reliable option for any team.

Stefan de Vrij – Inter | CB
Stefan de Vrij is another Inter Milan player on our list, and for good reason. He’s a solid defender with excellent positioning and tackling skills. He’s also great at reading the game and can make crucial interceptions to prevent his opponents from scoring.

Rúben Dias – Manchester City | CB
Rúben Dias is a recent addition to Manchester City but has already established himself as one of the best defenders in the league. He’s strong, athletic, and great at blocking shots. He’s also an excellent communicator on the pitch, which makes him a great leader for any team.

Milan Škriniar – Inter | CB
Milan Škriniar is a no-nonsense defender who always puts his body on the line for his team. He’s great at winning aerial duels and can make crucial clearances to prevent his opponents from scoring. He’s also a great option for set pieces, as he can create chances from corners and free-kicks.

Jules Koundé – Barcelona | CB
Jules Koundé is a young defender who’s already making a name for himself in the football world. He’s great at intercepting passes and has excellent ball control. His speed and agility make him a great option for counterattacks, and he’s also an excellent tackler.

Dayot Upamecano – FC Bayern München | CB
Dayot Upamecano is a powerful defender with excellent tackling and intercepting skills. He’s also great at reading the game and can anticipate his opponent's moves. With his speed and strength, he’s a tough player to get past, and he’s an

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