PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Mystery 2023

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Mystery 2023

The "Mystery" mod is a new gameplay version for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 created by "Alex". What makes this mod so special is that it offers a whole new level of control and freedom on the field. You'll be able to dribble with no difficulty, make more non-standard moments with the CPU actions, and enjoy more freedom on the field.

One of the standout features of this mod is the improved player positioning and movement. It really makes a difference when you're trying to move around opponents and set up plays. Plus, the dribbling feels smoother and more natural, giving you more confidence when you're trying to get past defenders.

  • Dribbling.
  • CPU actions. (More non-standard moments).
  • More freedom on the field.
  • Better positioning and movement of players.

IMPORTANT: This Gameplay MOD will replace the PES2021.exe file; we strongly recommend that you create a backup before making any changes.

How to Install:
1. Go to ...Steam/Steamapps/common/eFootball PES 2021 and make a backup copy of your PES2021.exe

2. Extract and copy the PES2021.exe file to ...Steam/Steamapps/common/eFootball PES 2021

Download "Mystery Gameplay"
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Credits: Alex
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  1. Since it's almost impossible to buy pes 2021 could you consider making a gameplay mod that would be compatible with all exes like Holland does?


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