KONAMI Struggles with Cross-play for eFootball 2023, Delaying Launch

Cross-play for eFootball 2023

Renan Galvani, a well-known gaming industry specialist, recently tweeted about the difficulties KONAMI is having with the introduction of the new cross-play technology. While KONAMI is still working on the functionality, crossplay is unlikely to be released until after the end of the eFootball pro competitions. This delay is due to the difficulty in locating a safe system, especially when playing against PC gamers who may be using broken or cheat systems.

Crossplay is a highly anticipated feature for eFootball 2023, which promises to be a significant release in the soccer gaming market. However, the delay in introducing crossplay has frustrated the fans and left them asking why. According to Galvani's recent tweet, KONAMI is having difficulty building a safe and secure crossplay mechanism, particularly for PC players.

Cheating in online gaming is not a new issue, and KONAMI is taking precautions to prevent any such difficulties in eFootball 2023. The success of the game will be determined by its capacity to provide a fair and enjoyable experience for all players, and crossplay is an important component of that. While some fans may be disappointed by KONAMI's delay in integrating crossplay, it is a vital step to ensure the game's long-term success.

Finally, while the crossplay feature in eFootball 2023 is highly anticipated, it is not without its limitations. Given the huge stakes involved in creating a successful soccer game in today's competitive industry, KONAMI's cautious approach is appropriate. Fans will have to wait a bit longer for crossplay, but the wait may be well worth it in the end.

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