PES 2020 Sider v6.4.2 by Juce

PES 2020 Sider v6.4.2 by Juce

Here is a PES 2020 update of Sider 6 meant to be able to use the new Kitserver v1.11. In addition to this compatibility enhancement, the update also includes a few minor features that have been added to the software. These new features are small in scale and likely serve to further improve the overall functionality of Sider 6. Overall, this update represents an improvement to Sider 6, which should enhance the user experience for those utilizing it.

- "ctx.kits" updates: new "SleeveLimits" kit attribute and corrections for number
positioning on the shorts (new range for "ShortsNumberX" and "ShortsNumberY": 0-31)
Thanks, zlac and Hawke!
- new scripting lib: "fs", with function "find_files" for listing/searching directories
- audio lib update: new function "get_state" for sound objects


Juce, zlac and Hawke

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