eFootball 2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool UPDATE [GameVer 1.1.2]

eFootball 2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool V1.0

eFootball 2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool by digitalfoxx

This tool allows you to remove the crowd from the stadium stands and maximize the in-game resolution ratio by up to 200% (LOD min and max 10% ~ 200%) The min and max for the in-game resolution ratio can be changed. (default 50% ~ 100%).

Credits: digitalfoxx

How to Use
You can extract it to the location where the eFootball.exe file is located and run it.

 Password: PESWEB 

UPDATE: eFootball 2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool_GameVer V1.1.2
This version is only compatible with eFootball2022 V1.1.2

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  1. Replies
    1. Why the patch is not working? I did all according to the instruction, but crowd is still there

  2. It is recognized as a Trojan horse virus.
    Can I use it?

    1. The program is packed for code protection. it's safe to use

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