eFootball 2022 High Graphics Unlocked UPDATE [Game Ver 1.1.2]

eFootball 2022 High Graphics Unlocked [Game Ver 1.0]

High Graphics Unlocked for eFootball 1.0 by Bogo36

eFootball 2022 Unlocked High Graphics is a feature that, if installed, improves many of the game's graphics. The High Graphics Unlocked for eFootball  2022 v1.0 was created by Bogo36.

Here we go again. Konami finally fixed the horrible Anti-Aliasing and improved the Texture Streaming, but there are still some ugly effects which needs to be removed and some other things that need to be improved.

Credits: Bogo36

Things in This Patch:
Removed Chromatic Aberration
Removed Film Grain
Removed Vignette
Removed GrainJitter
Removed Film Shadow Tint
Removed Motion Blur completely
Removed Bloom completely

Improved the Shadows
Automatically sets the native Fullscreen Resolution, no more need of changing the DPI Settings of the exe file

You will get a much clearer and sharper experience with this Patch.

1. Make a Backup of your "pc0000_console_win.pak" File (Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\pak).
2. Download the Patch and replace the File with the original one.
3. Go into in-game Settings, select Custom Settings, and set every Graphic Setting to the highest (except for the Resolution Scaling, set it to 100).
4. Have Fun!

UPDATE: eFootball 2022 High Graphics Unlocked UPDATE [Game Ver 1.1.2]

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