eFootball 2022 High Graphics Addon UPDATE [Game Ver 1.1.2]

eFootball 2022 High Graphics Addon

High Graphics Addon For eFootball 2022 by Bogo36

If your PC is strong enough, here's a little something more to help you obtain the greatest graphics. As previously stated, this game includes two distinct graphic setups. One for Replays/Cutscenes and one for the standard Game Camera. You will always obtain the best-looking setup with this exe. This exe has FPS Unlocked as well.

Author: Bogo36

IMPORTANT: If you are running the game on a low-end PC, please do not install this High Graphics Addon, you need a powerful PC in order to use this MOD.

How to Install:
First, make a backup copy of your eFootball.exe located in ...steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/eFootball/Binaries/Win64
Then unpack and copy thee Football.exe file to the following location  ...steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/eFootball/Binaries/Win64 folder.

UPDATE: High Graphics Addon for eFootball 1.1.2

(Picture is from Version 1.01, but it's basically the same)

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