PES 2021 MatchUP - New Game Mode + Option File Editor

MatchUP - New Game Mode + Option File Editor

The MatchUP is a save file generator and Option File editor all rolled into one. Basically, MatchUP is an effort that has never been made to generate a valid game save file with the conditions that you specify.

What is MatchUP?

This is basically a new way to play PES.

The matchUP is rather a proof of concept, that is we can separate the two things required in a football game i.e 1)Gameplay/Graphics and 2)UI/Features. Gameplay/Graphics is a thing that is hard to create for us indie developers. But UI/Features is something that is limited by our own imagination.

Currently, MatchUP can act as the UI/Features part of the game.

It will generate a save file based on the settings you choose. This save file can then be loaded up in PES like any other cup tournament. Once you have played the game in PES the results are then automatically loaded up by MatchUP.

In addition to this "Cescii" also created an Option File editor and a Gameplan editor, which required me to take full control of the game the way I wanted.

I imagine this app will be useful for gameplay tinkerers who like to experiment with player attributes. Now you can just edit any player and generate a match where you can test out your things without having to bother about updating and reloading option files. You can play with any team against any team in any tournament without any restrictions. You can play with 11 Messi's vs 11 Ronaldo's in the Champions League Final if that's what you want. - Cescii@Art

How to Use

Well in essence it's nothing but an alternative UI to "Kick off/Cup/New Tournament". It will generate a Cup Save file for a Final/Semi-Final match between the two selected teams *. Once the file is generated, MatchUP will go into monitoring mode to wait for match results.

The steps would be

1)Start PES and alt-tab into your desktop

2)Run MatchUP and go to "Play Match" menu and choose the required match parameters or you can go to "Live Fixture" menu and choose any match.

3)Once you have chosen the match settings you can click on "Play Match" button, this will generate the Save File.

4)You can then Alt-Tab into PES, the save file will be visible in the "Kick off/Cup/Load" menu. You can then load up the save file and play normally.

5)Once the game is over you will have to manually save the game **.

6)Once the game is saved, MatchUP will automatically detect changes in the save file and will display a popup with the match results

What is "Live Fixtures"?
Live fixtures are matches that are currently being played anywhere in the world.
Currently, I am loading up fixtures from OneFootball
You can choose any match that has finished playing from the list.
The matchUp will then attempt to create a save file based on the selected Tournament, Team, and the actual players that were involved.
Please note that MatchUP tries to the best of its ability to match the Team/Player/Tournament names to the names in the PES database
However, there will always be some names that aren't found or some mismatches that might occur. But you are in complete control of the process and you can teach MatchUP if it makes any mistakes. Changes will be remembered next time

Does this app work with any mega-patch or option File?
This app was tested on the Evo-web option file. It should work with any patch and Option file that has proper player data. This App requires all players to be present in options files, which might not be the case in certain mega-patches. You could try with the default provided option file or use the provided import utility to import player data.

Is my Option File modified when I use this app?
No. When you load up MatchUP for the first time, it will ask for the options file that you are currently using. It will then make a local copy of that file which will be used throughout the app. Your original EDIT file in the save game folder will never be modified.
The save file itself contains all the information that is there in the EDIT file. So all player attributes/lineup/gameplan changes are directly made into the save file.

So what next is planned?
Nothing much I am afraid.
This was always a proof of concept app to motivate the community so that we don't have to give up on PES21.
That we as a community can take control of what we want from PES and that it's possible to dream to make a game of your own with the gameplay of PES.

Having said that, I will continue to fix bugs and add more features to the Option File editor.
Also, there is a "Season Mode" planned, which would be something like taking control of a team throughout a season from any of the past real-life seasons like 2019-20, 2020-21, etc.
You can change the course of history by avoiding relegation or winning the trophy etc. You will be able to start your journey from any point in time in the real-life season. It's something that will require considerable time/effort. I will assess it after the response I get from the community for this App.
I am also willing to listen to changes suggested by the community.

Now that I have been able to reach my goal I will also look into making a management game, which will have all the features I would have liked to see in PES. It might take me a year or more but I know that one day PES21 might have all the things I had desired in a football game ever since I was a kid

* Note: Single/First/Second leg matches will create a semi-final save file match between the 2 selected teams. The 2 other CPU teams in the semi-finals will be replicas of the user team itself. For the “Final” match you will be able to enjoy a trophy celebration if you win

** Note: The generated save file has the auto-save option turned on by default. So for Single/First/Second leg matches PES will automatically save the game once you progress to the next round (i.e to the final) and so MatchUP will automatically popup with the match results, However, if you lose the Semi-Final match or you are playing the “Final” match, PES does not automatically save the game once it is over. You will have to manually save the game when it's over so that MatchUP can detect the changes and load up the results

*** Note: PES saves limited information about the match results. It will save scoreline/player ratings/ injuries/cards it doesn't save other match stats like attack stats/defensive stats/individual player stats / Man-of Match etc

                                                                                      Please note that this app was developed and tested in Win 10 with the Evo-web option file as the base. So your mileage might vary.

Please be gentle in the feedbacks.

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