Pes 2020 - Ultimate Patch by BiRaitBec

Pes 2020 Ultimate Patch

Pes 2020 - Ultimate Patch
This repack contains the best possible modding that can give to Pes 2020 to enhance it on Graphic, Sounds, Faces, Licenses, etc..
It's impossible to give a list of all that is inside the Patch, minor tweaks, personal tweaks, and little stuff took around in many different sites, I try to keep credits of the major things we use of course but what's listed below is not all that is inside the patch. Please try it as it is really the Ultimate Patch you need.
This Facepack Addon contains all you need in terms of Faces/Minifaces and Tattoos available for Pes 2020 and it's a work that started from Pes 18 modding for personal use throughout the years and decided to release it and polishing it for pes 2020 because it will be "probably" the last or before last, using Fox Engine, making mods no more compatible with the new engine used for Next-Gen Consoles. With this, you won't have anonymous Matches and ML/BAL modes. It is a lot heavy because it really is the max you can get on this side.

Patch Includes: (If I miss something let me know):

All Players, Teams, and Nationals properly Licensed and Fully Online Compatible

Sider 6.2.3 by Juce
Evoweb Patch 3.0 with Custom Fixes, edits and improvements to licenses.
Kitserver by Juce
Kits by Gauber Silva and Evoweb Patch (with Tight Addons
Referee Kit Server by Hawke
Scoreboard Server by Zlac
Scoreboard LaLiga Santander by Ando12345 and Iohan258
Scoreboard Copa Libertadores, Superliga Argentina, Supercopa Argentina, Copa Argentina, Commebol Sudamericana by Lucasvillakapo
Scoreboard Uefa Europa League, Uefa Super Cup, Uefa Euro Qualifiers, Uefa Champions League, Eredivisie, Russian Premier League, SPL, EFL, William Hill Scottish Cup, FA Cup, Serie A, Serie BKT, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italia and EPL by Unknown32
Coupe de la Ligue by FuNZoTik
German Scoreboard Pack by 1002MB
Adboards by Chosefs and Rique.
Ball Server by Zlac
BallPack by Vito and Hawke
Bootpack by Hoppus117 and Ziyech2304
ML Scout Maps by 1002MB
MenuServer by Hawke and Zlac
ML Graphics by SG
Endo Turf by Endo
CallNames for English Commentary, Chants, ChantsBase, English Stadium Announcer, National Anthems, Tournament Menu Anthems and Extras by Predator002
Goal Song by Mauri_d
Stadiums Addon:
Stadium Server by Zlac
105 Stadiums Pack by BiRaitBec
Facepack Addon:
Faces: 6332
Minifaces: 26,485
Coach Minifaces: 765

* Notice: All the content included in the face pack is coming from the work of all facemakers around the world that from Pes 18 to Pes 20 decided to improve game faces or add brand new ones. If you like what i managed to repack properly, it means you also liked all facemakers works.

- First remove any previous leftover of other mods, patches, verify steam cache for the game and run it once. Set it up till you are on the main menu of the game and then apply the latest live update, creating a new edit file if you didn't yet.
Then close the game and install the patch.

- Ultimate Patch -
Download the Ultimate Patch - AIO, Ultimate Patch - Update and the Ultimate Patch - Edit File. From the AIO file first and then from the Update file, extract the Sider folder to the eFootball Pes 2020 one (or where you want) and from the Edit File extract the EDIT00000000 to Documents\Konami\eFootball Pes 2020\xxxxxxnumbers\save folder. Always overwrite if i don't say different.
- Stadiums Addon -
Download the Stadium's Addon - AIO and Stadiums Addon - Update files and extract the stadium-server folder, first from the AIO and then from the Update files to the eFootball Pes 2020\Sider\content one. Always Overwrite.
- Facepack Addon -
Download the Facepack Addon - AIO and from it extract the Facepack folder to the eFootball Pes 2020\Sider one.

- Now Always Run the Sider.exe file inside the eFootball Pes 2020\Sider folder to run the game (No more just from steam or it won't load the mods). Remember that in the exhibition you need to turn off the live updates to see the database properly working. Online is compatible but some features may revert to vanilla database cause of live updates, (Nothing game-breaking at all though so have fun with it).


[16/12/2019] Ultimate Patch - AIO:

[17/12/2019] Ultimate Patch - Update:

[21/12/2019] Ultimate Patch - Edit File

[16/12/2019] Stadiums Addon - AIO:

[17/12/2019] Stadiums Addon - Update:

[16/12/2019] Facepack Addon - AIO:

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