Ball Server v1.00 for Sider 6.1.0+

This version of Ball Server was created by zlac for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. With this ballserver you can add as many balls as you want very easily, balls that you can change in the game using menu option in games or you can assign them to individual home teams via map_teams .txt file or ball assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txtfile - ie all teams participating in particular competition will use identical ball.

Quick Start section:
How to use:
  1. Unpack v2 archive and copy folders content and modules inside your sider folder (folder where you have sider.exe file) - overwrite, if asked
  2. (If not done already) Download and install CommonLib.lua v1
  3. (If not done already) Add lua.module = "BallServer.lua" under CommonLua.lib in sider.ini
  4. [Optional] Customize map_teams.txt and map_competitions.txt files and add more ball folders in content\ball-server folder (more instructions can be found inside .txt files)
How to install ball pack: detailed instructions from Hawke in this post, follow them to the letter!

  • GDB-style unlimited ball management 
  • original ball packaging (identical folder structure and file names, as they are in .cpk files)
  • ball assignment to individual home teams via map_teams.txt file
  • ball assignment to competitions via map_competitions.txtfile - i.e. all teams participating in particular competition will use identical ball

  • IMPORTANT: by default, competition assignment always takes priority over team assignment in all modes except Exhibition mode matches
  • but, there's a way to override that behavior for any individual competition - by slightly modifying BallServer.lua script itself, you can add/remove competition IDs in override_competitions table, thus defining more or less competitions where team assignment takes priority over competition assignment
  • support for optional ball to be used in final match only
  • support for optional ball to be used during winter season
  • Multiple balls can be assigned to a competition via map_competitions.txt - if more than one ball is available, Ball Server selects one randomly
Multiple balls assigned to a competition - map_competitions.txt
65535, 207, Ordem V,,,, # exhibition match
65535, 060, Merlin Serie A,,,, # exhibition match
  • correct ball previews and ball names are displayed in game menus (where available, depending on game mode)

  • .txt assignment files reloading (key 0) - available at any moment, useful for making quick fixes to .txt assignment files, without needing to restart the game
  • toggle between manual ball selection and automatic ball assignment via .txt files (key 9)
  • if manual selection is used, then manually selected ball has priority over the ball which would otherwise be assigned via .txt files
  • additional options, available only in manual selection mode:
  • Manual selection by cycling through all the available balls (PageUp/PageDown keys)
  • IMPORTANT: only the balls which are assigned via .txt files are available for cycling-through!! A ball which exists only as a subfolder in the external content root (content\ball-server), but is not assigned to any team or competition via .txt files WILL NOT be available for manual selection either!
  • Favorite ball - current manual selection can be saved permanently as a favorite ball (key 7) or recalled to be used later (key 8)
  • ball previews visible on overlay, when possible
  • option to always use random ball, for every match - be it exhibition or competition. Option is set to On/Off via overlay key "6". The selection is not saved permanently, therefore with each new game launch, option is set to "Off"
  • automatic selection of league-mode ball(s) in exhibition mode if both teams belong to the same league (requires CommonLib v1 to be installed)
  • applies only to LEAGUES - cups and other competitions are ignored
  • script reads CompetitionEntry.bin file to determine whether two teams belong to the same league - selection may not be 100% accurate if teams have been moved to different leagues only in EDIT modeCurrent limitations:

  • Inaccurate ball selection during replays - due to game design, saved replays do not include tournament_ID - if the ball used in saved replay has been assigned via map_competition.txt, then there is no way to re-select exactly the same ball during replay - exhibition mode ball is most likely going to be selected.
  • Although all overlay features (manual ball selection, .txt files reloading, ...) are available at any moment (and it cannot be done differently, due to the way the overlay currently works in sider), it is not advisable to change any overlay-related settings after the match-loading screen has appeared or during the match. In-game behavior will be unpredictable in such circumstances. You've been warned Make your selections BEFORE you hit the Next match button.

  • Additional general-purpose notes related to sider and .lua scripting:

  • Lua scripts have priority over live cpk root folders. Therefore, if you use Ballserver.lua script, you do not need ball packs in live cpk roots too. It is advisable to remove them, to avoid possible conflicts.
  • When multiple scripts contend for the same content (e.g. Ballserver and N more scripts that all want to switch the balls), then the script that is listed first/highest in the lua.module section of sider.ini has priority. So, if you intend to use Ballserver as a primary source of custom balls, move lua.module = "BallServer.lua" entry ABOVE other scripts that also serve custom balls.
  • If you have multiple scripts that use overlay, than use key 1 to cycle through them and choose which script is currently shown on the overlay (Ballserver.lua, camera.lua, ...)

  • Credits:
     juce and nesa24 for sider
     Hawke and other unknown authors for the mini ball-pack included in v1.0

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