PES 2020 Tool/PC Database Editor Beta V0.2 by mfz69

[Tool/PC Database] Evo Editor BETA

[Tool/PC Database] Evo Editor BETA
This tool modify the pc database - Edit Players (names/stats/motion etc...)

How to use correctly the tool ?

Before doing anything make backup for your files !

Default Database:
1- Open the tool and open the folder "pesdb" in "Files\CPK\common\etc"
2- Wait for tool to load files
3- Click player button
4- Choose player and do your modifications
5- Save player by clicking "APPLY"

Modified Database:
1- Export your modified ".bin" files and put them in "Files\CPK\common\etc\pesdb"
Note : Some bins not in that path like : PlayerAppearnce.bin/Bootlist.bin/GloveList.bin.
2- Make sure u UNZLIBED ".bin" files !
2- Do the "Default Database" steps !

1- Do not click other buttons only "PLAYERS" for now!
2- Always check for zlibbed files that you need to unzlib
3- Use only minifaces from pes 2019 cause pes 2020 ones can't read for now or u just update the 2020 ones with new dds similair to pes 2019 ones !

To Do List:
- Assign players per team
- Transfers players between team
- Import/Export players
- Enable editing "NATIONAL TEAM CAPS" and "MARKET VALUE"
- Enable boots & gloves relink

Tool Tips
- The tool Support special chars in player names
- You can import miniface for player that did not have one
- Don't missing any editing things that are related like if you add "LOAN FROM CLUB ID" you need to add "LOAN EXPIRY DATE" too etc...
- For date fields use this "day/month/year"
- You can see your ".bin" logs in "Settings" folder
- After finishing editing you just repack folder "CPK" into ".cpk" file and link it to game to see modifications
- This tool edit the database so if you have Edit.bin and want to see modifications DELETE IT !
- The tool support full screen or window mode​


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