How to convert stadiums from PES 2019 to PES 2020

PES 2019 to PES 2020 Stadium Convertor

Learn how to convert stadiums from older versions of the game, whether it's your favorite team stadium or a stadium that is not already in PES 2020. We will give you all tools download links so you don't have to search for them all over the internet, the only program we won't post is Photoshop CS6 just because this program is not available as a free download.

Here's what you need to do
Open the PES 2019 stadium folder you want to convert and delete the following folders: Stadium\Asset\model\bg\stxxx\light - Stadium\Asset\model\bg\stxxx\light
Delete all the referements about the written "pitch" in folder Stadium\Asset\model\bg\stxxx\sourceimages\tga\#windx11
Move the Asset folder of the stadium converter folder into your stadium folder
(If the id isn't 009 you have to change all the referements of 009 to your id)

Attention: changing over your PES 2019 stadiums with this instructional exercise, the stadiums won't be great and likely will have some little issues yet the quality is worthy. Another issue is that some stadiums couldn't work directly with this instructional exercise.

Here's how to fix flickering edge pitch or white edge pitch
First you need to download and install these programs:
Photoshop CS6
DDS Plug-In Download
CGPE V0.7 Download
After you have downloaded and installed all the programs open CGPE, go to tools/ftexconverter, go to convert ftex and select YourStadium\Asset\model\bg\st046\sourceimages\tga\#windx11\pitch_alp.ftex
Go to YourStadium\Asset\model\bg\st046\sourceimages\tga\#windx11\pitch_alp.ftex and you'll see, open it with Photoshop.

Resize with Photoshop where is violet and yellow until in-game the pitch won't have problems

Open CGPE, go to tools/ftexconverter, go to convert and select your new
Substitute the old pitch_alp.ftex with the new one

Download Stadium Converter

Andò12345 method creator
Chuny for researching
chosefs for some fixes

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