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PES 2021 Competition-Server V2.1 by Gerlamp

PES 2021 Competition-Server V2.1 by Gerlamp

With proper database configuration, this module allows you to add new second divisions to the game with working promotion and relegation between leagues. For example, you can create a second Bundesliga without changing the current leagues, or a second Russian League from the Swiss League with working promotion and relegation between leagues. 

NOTES: This module was designed for advanced users who create patches and their own databases.

- On or Off Team of the Season
- On or Off Promote/Demote a maximum of 4 clubs
- Change the type of Competition
- Convenient CSV table format
- You can change any value (the necessary addresses are prepared)

Update v 2.1
- Workable for all versions of PES and Football Life

How to Install:
1. Extract and copy the content and module folder to your ...Sider7 folder.
2. Now open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following line:
lua.module = "Competition-Server.lua"

To change, Promote/Demote just replace this:

PES 2021 Competition-Server

Download "Competition-Server"
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Competition-Server v 2.1 PES 2021 module made by Gerlamp

PES 2021 Custom Competition Style for Exhibition Match (Update v1.3)

PES 2021 Custom Competition Style for Exhibition Match
Are you missing the old PES when you can play UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League as Exhibition Match?

Are you missing playing a one-legged UEFA Champions League match just to hear the magnificent anthem with your friend?
Say no more!

Mochnaufals present to you the eFootball PES 2021 CustomExhibitionMatch.lua - Using this Sider module, now you can play a customized competition style in Local/Exhibition Match.

What's new in Update v1.3:

You can simulate the Final Match in an exhibition match:
(+) Mostly, you will get the correct trophy
(-) Sometimes, the trophy will not be displayed
(-) There will be no trophy celebration at all
(-) The commentators still think that this is a regular match

You can simulate the Final Match in a KONAMI Cup:
(+) You will always get a trophy celebration when playing the Final Match of your knockout round
(+) The commentators actually think that this is a final match of the correct competition
(-) Sometimes, the trophy is incorrect. It will display the KONAMI Cup trophy instead of the correct trophy.
I think it's because the module only changes the sider ctx.match_info and related ctx.tournament_id. Currently, the module can't change the memory address value of the game that relates to final match identification.
Based on my observation, as long as you have the correct trophy inside your trophy server, it will be displayed correctly.

For now, the supported competitions are:
  • Default Exhibition Mode (No Competition)
  • AFC Asian Cup
  • AFC Asian Qualifiers
  • AFC Champions League
  • Belgian Cup
  • Belgian Super Cup
  • CAF Africa Cup of Nations
  • CAF African Qualifiers
  • Chinese FA Cup
  • Chinese FA Super Cup
  • CONCACAF Qualifiers
  • CONMEBOL Copa America
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores
  • CONMEBOL South American Qualifiers
  • Copa Argentina
  • Copa Chile
  • Copa Colombia
  • Copa del Rey
  • Copa do Brasil
  • Coppa Italia
  • Coupe de France
  • Danish Cup
  • DFB Pokal (PEU Cup)
  • DFL-Supercup (PEU Super Cup)
  • FA Community Shield
  • FA Cup
  • FIFA Club World Cup
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Greek Football Cup (Swiss Cup)
  • International Champions Cup NA
  • International Champions Cup SA
  • International Champions Cup Asia
  • Japanese Super Cup (PAS Super Cup)
  • JFA Emperor's Cup (PAS Cup)
  • Johan Cruijff Schaal
  • KNVB Cup
  • KONAMI Cup
  • KONAMI League
  • MLS Cup / US Open Cup (PLA Cup)
  • Practice/Training Match
  • Russian Cup
  • Russian Supercup
  • Saudi King's Cup (Thai Cup)
  • Saudi Super Cup (Thai Super Cup)
  • Scottish Cup
  • Supercopa Argentina
  • Supercopa de España
  • Supercoppa Italiana
  • Superliga Colombiana
  • Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira
  • Taça de Portugal
  • Testimonial Match
  • TFF Süper Kupa
  • Trophée des Champions
  • Türkiye Kupası
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA European Qualifiers
  • UEFA Super Cup
  • World Selection Challenge

What works?
  • The competition-related logo appears correctly.
  • Kits, badges, and captain armbands also appeared correctly.
  • Scoreboard is working without issue (yes, you don't have to change the 'game2dUcl.bin' to other names 
  • The stadium adboard is appeared correctly.
  • Anthems and entrances are also working correctly.
  • The menu server is also working correctly.

What doesn't work?
  • Trophy. If you play the UEFA Super Cup in an Exhibition Match, there won't be any trophy celebration. I'm still figuring that out.
  • Sometimes the commentators think the match is friendly, not competitive.
  • If you play against a team within the same domestic league, sometimes the title will be the domestic league name instead of the competition name.
  • Intro movie. There will be no intro movie if you play it in Exhibition Match.
  • Auto disable. If you want to play Master League or else (other than exhibition match), you have to disable the mod (simply by pressing [0] in the Sider overlay screen). You don't want to have conflicting styles in your Master League matches 
  • I don't know whether the gameplay or AI difficulty will imitate the selected competition or not, I need to check that out

How does it work?
Sider has a variable called ctx.tournament_id. This variable shows which competition the game is presently using. Many Sider modules (scoreboards, entrances, kits, and so on) make use of this variable. Mochnaufals basically merely assigns a value to the ctx.tournament_id. However, as far as he knows, the game has its own ID (which he dubbed compeid). 

This competition is distinct from ctx.tournament_id, but they serve the same functions. As a result, Mochnaufals alter the competition via manipulating memory. Mochnaufals used Cheat Engine to explore the memory address, discovered the pattern, and attempted to put it into a lua script. he discovered that the memory address of ctx.mis is identical to one of the patterns discovered using Cheat Engine.  So, Mochnaufals just basically changed the value of that memory address. 

Important! This is still experimental so please expect bugs.

How to install?
Download and unzip the file
Copy CustomExhibitionMatch.lua into your "modules" folder
Very important! Write 
lua.module = "CustomExhibitionMatch.lua" 
in the top-most (first order) of your lua.module lines.  This module modifies the game competition ID and tournament ID, so it must be placed as the first lua.module entry. Don't worry, this module doesn't use CommonLib.lua utility code. So, you can place it above CommonLib.lua safely.
luajit.ext.enabled = 1

How to use?
  1. Press [SPACE] to activate the menu
  2. Press [0] to toggle enable mod
  3. Press [Page Up] and [Page Down] to select your desired competition
  4. Select your team in Local/Exhibition Match (please activate the mod first before selecting teams)

Download "Custom Exhibition Match"
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CustomExhibitionMatch.lua made by Mochnaufals
juce, the GOAT of modders, for creating Sider in the first place.

PES 2021 Face Relinker (Sider Module)

PES 2021 Face Relinker

Face Relinker made for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 by Mohamed2746. Thanks to this module you won't have to go through the whole player ID relink process, after installing this module you only have to change the ID of the folder with the ID of the player you want.

PES 2021 Face Relinker Features:

  • No need to relink face ID anymore.
  • Fixes Grey face issue.

Based on nesa24 Face-Server Mechanism

How to Instal Face Relinker:

First, make sure you have the latest version of Sider 7 already installed
Extract and copy the face-relinker file to your ...Sider/ modules folder
Now open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following line:
lua.module = "face-relinker.lua"

How its work?
Just rename the folder to the ID of your patch and enjoy

PES 2021 Face Relinker module made by Mohamed2746
G. Leroy ( / blog writer

Download "Face Relinker"
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