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So, what exactly does this mod do? Well, it unlocks some awesome features like team balls, player boots, and goalkeeper gloves. Basically, it lets you customize your game even more by allowing you to choose different types of balls for each team, and pick out the boots and gloves you want your players to wear.

This can really add some extra fun and excitement to your FIFA23 gameplay. Imagine playing with your favorite team's official ball or watching your goalkeeper make some incredible saves with their brand-new gloves.

And the best part is that the mod was made by MH82 Mod, a trusted and experienced modder in the FIFA community. So you can be sure that it's safe and won't cause any issues with your game.

  • Team balls
  • Player boots
  • Goalkeeper gloves

Download "UNLOCK MOD TU8"
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LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

This mod will help make players look more realistic and proportional while playing FIFA 2023 PC. It fixes an issue with the way the game's graphics show objects in the distance, which can make players appear too big or heavy. The mod was created by SidausXD.

The mod was created by someone named SidausXD and it works by adjusting something called the "Default LOD" which is a setting used by the game developer EA. LOD stands for "level of detail" and it basically determines how detailed objects and characters look as you move farther away from them.

LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

With the mod installed, your character will look the right size and won't seem all bulky and awkward. It's a simple fix but it can make a big difference in how the game looks and feels. So if you've been noticing this issue in your gameplay, give the mod a try and see if it helps!

Download "FIFA LOD Mods"
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Credits: SidausXD

Stunning FIFA 23 Graphics by Endo

FIFA 23 Graphic Mod

FIFA 23 Graphic Mod

The FIFA 23 Graphic Mod by Endo is a set of updates that enhance the game's visual experience. The lighting and rendering have been improved, resulting in a new color gradient, and improved sharpness, brightness, and color balance. A cinematic effect has also been added, visible during night matches. Player models and ball models have an improved level of detail. Pitch lines have been rescaled, with new custom patterns added. Other small optimizations have been implemented, including the removal of the ball marker.

Lighting And Rendering
New main game color gradient.
Overall sharpness, brightness, brilliance, and color oversaturation has been removed.
A special cinematic effect has been added. (More visible at night matches.)
Improved level of detail for player models and ball models.

The pitch line width has been reduced. (Pitch lines rescaling)
New custom patterns have been added. (3)
Other small tweaks and optimizations.

The ball marker has been removed.

Graphic Mod Info:
  • Mod Version: 1.1.1
  • File Size: 7.28 MB
  • Download file type: Zip
  • Author: Endo
  • Compatible with the latest title update TU6

Download "FIFA23 Graphic Mod"
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Graphic Mod by Endo
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