LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

This mod will help make players look more realistic and proportional while playing FIFA 2023 PC. It fixes an issue with the way the game's graphics show objects in the distance, which can make players appear too big or heavy. The mod was created by SidausXD.

The mod was created by someone named SidausXD and it works by adjusting something called the "Default LOD" which is a setting used by the game developer EA. LOD stands for "level of detail" and it basically determines how detailed objects and characters look as you move farther away from them.

LOD Mods for FIFA 23 PC

With the mod installed, your character will look the right size and won't seem all bulky and awkward. It's a simple fix but it can make a big difference in how the game looks and feels. So if you've been noticing this issue in your gameplay, give the mod a try and see if it helps!

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Credits: SidausXD

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