PES 2021 EVO Soccer 1.0 Graphics & Gameplay

Elijio876 presents the new eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 EVO Soccer 1.0 This is another major release with a ton of changes and updates. It has its own feel, sort of like a hybrid between Legendary 2.1 and Dream Soccer 3.

- Updated lighting
- Cleaned up some unnecessary files
- New reshades specifically for this lighting

EVO Konami - sfx level - high, sharpness level - very high, skin smoothing - light (special features: additional depth to players and other objects)
EVO UFL - sfx level - low, sharpness level - high, skin smoothing - very high (special features - for less powerful gfx cards, still provides a next-gen look)
EVO EA - sfx level - high, sharpness level - high, skin smoothing - high (special features - improved lighting and effects for realistic skin)

- All physics redone (ball, player, fouls, dribbling)
- Midfield compactness increased
- AI redone. Now AI vs AI matches will have more goals and general excitement
- Fixed some long-standing responsiveness issues from Konami (going for volleys for e.g)
- Match pace slightly reduced compared to eFootball 5.5
- AI not overpowered on tackles, even on Legendary
- A bunch of tweaks to legendary difficulty to make it more fair
- A lot more you'll discover when playing

Delete your livecpk\eFootball folder and install the new EVO one.

EVO 1.0 Graphics DOWNLOAD
EVO 1.0 Reshades DOWNLOAD
EVO 1.0 Gameplay DOWNLOAD
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  1. does this work with Football Life?

    1. I don't know, I haven't tested with SP Football Life


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