New PES 2021 Gameplay & Reshade 2024 - eFootball PES Remastered 5.5

eFootball - PES Remastered made for eFootball PES 2021 by elijio876 - This is a significant update, hence the jump to the 4.0 version number. Physics etc., has been completely overhauled along with the AI.

This release is more simulation/realism-focused but with increased randomness to add unpredictability and a fun factor while maintaining realistic physics.

- New stadium lighting for most stadium types
- Updated Turfs
- Updated weather effects
- New 2.0 reshade focused on realism

- All game physics redone
- All player limb elasticity/agility redone
- Fouls reworked (Will depend on the aggressiveness of the AI. More fouls in derbies etc.)
- Ball redone from scratch. Balanced for realistic physics while maintaining the goalkeeper saves physics which lead to rebounds in the box and unpredictability
- Crossing variety increased
- Re-implemented ability to ride slide tackles
- Player positioning tweaked again
- Passing redone from scratch to fit the new ball physics
- Dribbling responsiveness from Pes 2025 implemented and slightly tweaked further (Easier to do skill moves)
- Some more rare animations unlocked
- Goalkeepers slightly buffed
- Increased GK save variety
- Tackling redone (Tried to give the feel from UFL closed beta as that game has the best tackling I've seen so far)
- More shot variety
- Tweaks for AI on legend difficulty to make matches fair
- Close control and player momentum tweaks

- fixed bug after receiving a pass
-adjusted lobbed passes

eFootball PES Remastered 3.0 Features

The goal was to really make this look as if it's on a new generation of hardware and give it the sharpness the default graphics lack but with the skin smoothing of current-gen games.
- Redone all turfs lighting and effects
- New HDR reshade for HDR displays/TVs
- Redone character model textures

Too much to list everything.
Key changes:
- Dribbling reworked
- Contact and fouls system reworked
- AI positioning and decision-making changes
- Passing reworked
- FUMA and Assisted dt18 separate
- Shooting reworked
- Player agility/limb elasticity updated
- GK save variety increased
- More dynamic formation changes from the AI

eFootball PES Remastered 4.0

Massive update. A lot of updated graphics and turfs, rain, etc.

- All turfs and lighting updated
- Updated weather effects
- New reshades based on EA FC and one hybrid reshade (mix of efootball and EA FC look)
- Redone player interaction/contact (Should be more fair for the player vs the CPU)
- More fouls
- Even more dynamic CPU
- More special skill usage from the CPU
- More long shot animation variety
- More goalkeeper save variety
- Updated ball physics (redone from scratch)
- Easier dribbling, but this is still a simulation based release so it still has a realistic feel
- Updated physics for volleying
- Easier to get fouled in the box
- More compact midfield in certain phases of play without excessive CPU pressing
- More minor changes, you'll notice when playing 

eFootball PES Remastered 5.0

With this update, elijio876 aimed to keep the best elements from previous versions while increasing randomness and fun factors as much as possible. The game should feel very dynamic and alive. Enjoy!

- More player freedom of movement. You may notice this mostly when defending.
- Increased shooting variety
- Increased random events
- AI tactic changes
- Updated player physics
- More responsive dribbling and general movement
- More "loose" ball
- Integrated some physics values from eFootball 2024

*UPDATE: eFootball - PES Remastered 5.5

Updated all timings. It should have better compatibility with FL24.

- Further improved dribbling
- Fouls adjusted slightly
- Ball physics tweaked
- Player balance and movement improvements
- Animation timings changed
- Player positioning corrections
- AI build-up adjustments
- Reduced shot power

eFootball PR Graphics (Reshade) DOWNLOAD
eFootball PR Gameplay DOWNLOAD
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