SP Football Life 2024 Option File PC

AliAkbar presents to you SP Football Life 2024 Option File Update v3 the third update of the option file dedicated to "EURO 2024" and "Copa America" ​​for SP Football Life 2024.

OF Features:
Update of the national team roster for Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024
Club transfers summer 2024
Updated rankings based on the value of players in the transfer market.
Updated tactics
New structure of the competition
Adding young and new players to the database.

!!!IMPORTANT!!! This Option file is compatible only with SP Football Life 2024 PC which means that you can't use this File update with other PES Patches.

How to Install:

Before installing this Option File make sure that you already have it installed Smokepatch Football Life 2024 version 1.00 (30. Sept.2023) and the 1.10 Update (3. Oct.2023)  LINK HERE

Extract and copy the EDIT00000000 file to ...Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE\2024\save folder.

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  1. One thing, there is a problem with this option file..

    premier league, turns in english league
    EFL turns in second english league
    Bundesliga turns in liga PEU
    MLS turns in liga PLA

    Champions league turns in european champìonship , etc ..etc..

    1. Did you install Smokepatch Football Life 2024 version 1.00 (30. Sept. 2023) and the 1.10 Update (3. Oct. 2023) first?

  2. Is this compatible with new SPFootball Life v2.0?

  3. But there is no SP Football Life v1.1 any more. Only V1.00 and then be updated to V2.0.

    I extracted the 11 parts of the SP Football Life and installed it. I used this option file - incompatible.
    I then updated to V2.0 still incompatible.

    How do I update to version V1.1 and not V2.0 from the link here -
    I need this option file becuase of the Euro2024 and COPA America 2024.

    1. Yes, I know SP Football was updated recently, and I don't think it is compatible with this OF anymore

    2. Alright, I have uninstalled, installed the V1.1 patch I downloaded in another site.
      The Euro 2024 Exibition matches showing Rome 2020 Billboards and Banners.
      Possible to ge the Mod that showed Germany 2024 for SFL?

    3. I don't know, maybe you can find something on YouTube


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