eFootball 2024 Patch: ePatch Update Update V16.2

eFootball 2024 Patch: ePatch v15.5

Introducing ePatch v15.5 by MODY_99: Your Ultimate Upgrade for eFootball 2024! Includes Real Teams & Leagues Names for All Game Modes, Updated Kits for Copa America & Euro 2024 National Teams, Champions League Special Collaboration, Classic World & Europe All-Stars Teams, and more! Plus, unlock clubs and national teams. 

ePatch Changelog V15.5 :
- Real Teams & Leagues Names Works For All Game Modes.
- Re-Updated All Copa America & Euro 2024 National Teams Kits.
- Added Champions League Special Collaboration By Mandbeyn.
- Added Classic World & Europe All-Stars Teams.
- Added Bundesliga Champion Bayer Leverkusen Club.
- Added Bundesliga Club Borussia Dortmund.
- Re-Updated Mini-kits For All Teams.
- Re-Adjusted kits Models, Collars & Configuration.
- Unlocked Many Clubs & National Teams Without Tools.
- Merged Liveupdate 16 May To Offline Game Database.
- Compatible Online & Offline With eFootball Version 3.5

- Fully Licensed All Premier League Clubs 2023/2024.
- Fully Licensed All Serie A Clubs 2023/2024.
- Fully Licensed All La Liga Clubs 2023/2024.
- Added 23/24 Kits For Brazil Clubs : Palmeiras - Sao Paulo.
- Added 23/24 Kits For Argentina Clubs : Racing Club - Independent
- Added 23/24 Kits For USA Club : Inter Miami.
- Added 23/24 Kits For Belgium Clubs : Anderlecht FC - Club Brugge.
- Licensed England Championship: Leicester City.
- Licensed Korea Clubs : Jeonbuk Hyundai - Ulsan Hyundai -
Pohang Steelers - Incheon United.

- Added 2023 Kits For Africa National Teams:
Moroco - Egypt - Senegal - Tunisia - Algeria
Nigeria - Cameroon - Côte d'Ivoire - Ghana - South Africa

- Added 2023 Kits For Asia National Teams:
Saudi Arabia - South Korea - UAE - Iraq - India - Kuwait - Malaysia - Indonesia
Uzbekistan - Jordan - Oman - Iran - China - Lebanon - Qatar - Australia

- Added 2024 Kits For Europe National Teams:
Sweden - Switzerland - Denmark - Austria - Scotland - Ireland
Bulgaria - Romania- Czechia - Greece - Hungary - Slovenia - Finland

- Added 2024 Kits For N. America National Teams:
Mexico - USA - Canada - Costa Rica

- Added 2024 Kits For S. America National Teams:
Uruguay - Colombia - Chile - Ecuador - Bolivia - Paraguay - Peru - Venezeula

- Unlicensed Division 2 Leagues (USA - Japan - Brasil) + Thai League.

- Updated Super Hi-Quality Emblems For All Clubs.
- Updated Super Hi-Quality Emblems For All Competition.
- Champions League Replay Wipe Replaced efootball logo.
- Added Champions League Special Collaboration By Mandbeyn.

- Added New Real Animation Adboards.
- Updated All Clubs & National Teams Mini-Kits.
- Replaced Yellow-Blue Intro Video With Messi Intro 2024.
- Added Real Referee Kit Set Nike.
- Added Profile Photo For +100 Players.

- Fully Compatible With Offline & Online Mode v3.5

ePatch v16.0 14 June 2024 / Changelog:

- Fully Compatible With Offline & Online Mode Game v3.6
- Merged Liveupdate 13 June 2024 To Offline Game Database.
- Total Unlocked 82 Clubs & National Teams.
- Replaced National Teams Fake Players With Real Players.
- Added Real Sleeve Badges For All Leagues.
- Added Profile Photo For +50 Players.
- Champions League Adboards Works Online.
- Added World Legends & Europe Legends Teams.
- Added Europa Conference League Champion Olympiacos FC.
- Added Major African Clubs Ahly SC & Zamalek SC.
- Reupdated Many Kits For Clubs & National Teams.

ePatch 2024 made by MODY_99
Thanks to ENDO, lennyhard & Cadi Lilian
Thanks to Mandbeyn - HLX - NONO Kitmakers

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SMALL UPDATE: Download (Update 16.2)
Just Extract To eFootball Game Folder
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  1. hello, what patch! one question please, to install it, in first i delete the folder(200 cpk for example) and i colle the new folder ? or i let the actual folder et i copy-colle the mody-folder ?
    if i installed before the evomod, i can copy-colle the folders of mody?

    1. Yes, if you installed evomod before, you must uninstall it, then install this patch on the clean version of the game

  2. ok, with original sauvegarde in one folder, i copy-colle the foldrs mody99 and it's all right! NOW !! THANKS YOU SO MUCH GUYS ! this patch is amazing! what we expect few months ago! congratulations to the modders!

  3. hello, this Thursday morning, there is a problem with patch v15.53, the new cards to be drawn for this Thursday appear gray. When I put the original game back there is no problem. This is a minor problem.

    1. It will probably be fixed in the next v16.0 update

  4. I install succesfully the patch and the display in game already changed but the team still the same, any solution for this? I use steam version, 3.5
    directory install at efootball folder

  5. Amazing mod! Thank you! Just one thing to double check and it is Crystal Palace's kits since they are the generic ones.

  6. magik ! thank you for sharing! and well done thanks to mody_99 for this creation

  7. ola Leroy there is no teams unlocked like the previous version please check, much appreciating your work

    1. you need to use Teams Unlocker for this version

    2. My mistake, it seems that you don't have to use team unlocker, for some reason some peoples cant get all team unlocked, I will come back with information when I find out more

    3. thank you, Leroy, looking forward, pes community application all your beautiful work

  8. hello Mr Leroy, is it possible to ask to mody_99 create this patch with another scorebard that champions league... maybe a personnal scoreboard, or fifpro, or bbc sport ? all of case, it's top of patch ! wath can do more ? maybe create myleague "champions league", create facepack inside with fifa face :)) top job

  9. ola Leroy, any update on the team unlock on the new patch?

    1. Yes, the creator of this patch "MODY_99" says that you should try to Install the Patch to an empty folder then move the files to the game folder

  10. ola Leroy, i copied to another empty folder and it works thank you

  11. It has been tested and works great. Thank you, Modi. I am waiting for more updates, the addition of the Egyptian League, and changing the stadium floors


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