eFootball 2024 No Texture Streaming Mod for 3.5

eFootball 2024 No Texture Streaming Mod

New eFootball 2024 MOD released by Endo - No Texture Streaming Mod for 3.5 improves the antialiasing and the player lod's.

Endo just dropped a new mod called the 'No Texture Streaming Mod for 3.5.' It makes the game look smoother by improving antialiasing and player details. Say bye-bye to those annoying texture-loading delays! With this mod, the game runs better and looks sharper.

eFootball MOD Features:
  • Improved antialiasing.
  • Improved player lod's.-

For correctly work requires:
Gpu with the minimum 6Gb vram and setting to high ingame graphic values!
Do not combine with other graphics mods.

How to Use:
Copy with replacement into efootball/pak folder.
Set to high in the game graphics menu settings.

eFootball No Texture Streaming Mod made by Endo
G. Leroy ( / blog writer

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  1. This mod generates an error when choosing the initial kits pre match since they appear duplicated, there is a way to correct it since with respect to the operation and fluidity it goes very well


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