PES 2021 Entrance Anthem Patch

PES 2021 Entrance Anthem Patch

Sound Effect Patch -  Entrance Anthem Patch for the English Premier League, Spanish League, Bundesliga, and some Serie A teams made for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 PC by Sebastian Gonzalez Sanz. 

When teams enter the stadium before the start of their home game, their home entrance music will sound. The content of the entrance music includes the team songs of these teams or an exclusive Entrance Anthem as in reality.

This is an optional patch, determine whether to install it according to the preferences of each player. Because the sound played by this patch in the game is relatively loud, it will cover up the voice of the commentator when the teams enter the stadium. It depends on how players choose between them...

PREVIEW PES2021 Premier League + Bundesliga Entrance Anthem:

How to Install:
1. content\tournament_anth_tunnel\Teams\England (or Germany, or Spain)\Entrance Anthem MP3 files for each team
2. Put "tournament_anth_tunnel. lua" in the modules folder
(Alternatively, you can copy the text content from this "tournament_anth_tunnel. lua" to the lua file you are using yourself)
3. Open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following line:
lua.module = "tournament_anth_tunnel.lua"
LINK (Premier League and Bundesliga) - DOWNLOAD
LINK (Spanish teams) - DOWNLOAD

PES 2021 Entrance Anthem Patch made by Sebastian Gonzalez Sanz

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