SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay V2.5

SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay

Football4Life Realistic Gameplay V2.5

Football4Life bringing to you the new version of Realistic Gameplay V2.5 the most advanced version so far in every way. 

You have the option to choose one of 3 versions. Some are a little faster, others a bit slower, but the player AI is the same in each.

A - is the best and most faithfully represents the player's movements and speed.
B - is kind of smooth, maybe too smooth for my taste. I think it's the slowest version.
C - is a bit more aggressive than A, but also very good.

Numerous improvements to the intelligence of team players. Players will now make different types of openings, call for the ball to be passed to them, and provide support while you're on the attack...

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SP Football Life 2024 Realistic Gameplay made by Football4Life
Special thanks to Twiggy, FicaBre, elijio876, Lewpop


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