Football4Life - FL24 Realistic Gameplay V2 & Arcade Gameplay V1.0

Football4Life - FL24 Realistic Gameplay V2 & Arcade Gameplay V1.0

FL24 Realistic Gameplay

Football4Life introduces a new gameplay version for SP Football Life 2024, with some significant adjustments. Improved CPU level, improved headers, improved "through ball", improved shots, and more.

"This time I bring you something completely different. This time I'm trying to make a football simulation, where I did my best to replicate the real-life matches (the speed of the game, the possibility for players to make a nice looking action, the possibility for players to make mistakes, harder free kicks...)" Football4Life

V2.0 Improvements:
- The player's AI has been significantly improved:
- Improved CPU Level. The CPU should no longer receive excessive boosts in certain matches.
- Significantly improved marking of defensive players. This will also mean a lot to those who play BAL, because defensive players will get better grades.
- The players will now open up more, call for the ball to be passed to them and create chances to score goals.
- Tweaked numerous parameters related to scoring goals.
- Significantly improved headers.
- CPU will now also play "one-two passes".
- Improved "through ball". It will no longer be harsh and unnatural.
- Improved shots. The strength of the shots has not been changed, but the height at which it will fly has been reduced very slightly.
- Slightly increased player response to commands compared to version 1.8.
- Gameplay will now be loaded via dt18 file.
- Numerous "behind the scenes" improvements that will make further modding easier for me, which you can't see.

Recommended play speed is "0 or -1".-

Other Notes:
 - If you consider yourself an experienced player, definitely go for "Realistic gameplay".
- Otherwise, you'll have a lot of fun with the "Arcade Gameplay Version".

Download "Realistic Gameplay"
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Football4Life Arcade Gameplay

This gameplay can bring a lot of enjoyment for everyone because I don't think we've had anything like it in a long time! It may be titled "The modern version of PES 6".

What you can expect from this gameplay:
1. A very fluid and enjoyable arcade game,
2. Lots of beautiful actions and even more beautiful goals,
3. Responsive players with whom you can do feints and dribbles with enjoyment,
4. Smart AI
5. Players are very aware of the ball
6. Great mod for playing PvP, and PvCPU,
7. A enjoyable game both on default controls and on FUMA (I love how the shot on manual works),
8. Very welcome to players coming from FIFA and even better to those who loved the good old PES 6.
9. Great player rating system
10. For those users who do not have experience with FL23 or FL24 default foul system, ie for those who do not know how to play a clean game, and take the ball without tackling, you will need time to get used to it. If you have trouble making too much fouls, please check some 'PES tutorial' videos on YouTube on how to do it, and practice will make it much better.

Please follow the detailed installation instructions. If fouls don't work for you, or you have some other problems, you made a mistake somewhere during the installation.

If you feel that the game speed is a bit fast, or slow for your taste, I also give you a 'Speed server' with the help of which you can fine-tune the gameplay speed using Sider. Inside the folder, you can see my detailed instructions on how to install, and how to use it. It is very simple.

Download "Arcade Gameplay "
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Gameplay made by Football4Life
Special thanks to Lewpop, Holland, DevPlays

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