NEW eFootball 2024 Update v3.2.0 is Coming in December!

NEW eFootball 2024 Update v3.2.0 is Coming in December

Exciting news alert! Konami just dropped a bomb on us, announcing the arrival of the much-anticipated v3.2.0 update in December. 

Now, they're keeping the interest alive by not revealing an exact release date, but don't worry! They've given us a preview of what's to come. If you haven't seen the tweet yet, head over to eFootball's Twitter for the link that contains all of the details on this update.

Let's get started. Prepare for some game changers:

1. Co-op PvP Event: Team Up and Show 'Em What You Got!

The update is bringing in Co-op to Events. Yep, you read that right. Now you can strut your stuff solo or round up the squad for some epic battles against other teams. It's like a virtual soccer showdown, and you and your friends get to be the stars of the show. Talk about leveling up the gaming experience!

2. Renew Contracts with GP: Because Contracts Matter!

Are contracts getting you in a bind? Fret not! Konami is introducing a new way to keep your players in the game. Alongside the existing Contract Renewal (60 Days) and Contract Renewal (10 Days), players can now renew contracts using GP. It's like a lifeline for your favorite players, keeping them in your dream team for those nail-biting matches.

3. Unskippable Goal Celebrations: Less is More!

Let's talk about goal celebrations. We love them, but sometimes, they can be a bit much. In the upcoming update, Konami is giving us a breather. In online matches, the number of times you can perform an unskippable goal celebration will be limited to once per match. A classy goal deserves a classy celebration, and now, it's all about quality over quantity.

Konami has also promised to keep the game evolving based on our thoughts and play data. So, keep those surveys coming, share your opinions, and let's make eFootball™ 2024 the best it can be.

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