eFootball 2024 ePatch Version 9.0 by MODY 99

eFootball 2024 ePatch Version 8.0 by MODY 99

ePatch 2024 v9.0 For eFootball Presented By MODY 99

ePatch Changelog V9.0 
- Compatible With New eFootball Version 3.2
- Re-Updated Some Clubs & National Teams Kits.
- Added Profile Photo For +100 Players.
- Licensed National Teams : South Africa - India - Kuwait - Uzbekistan - Jordan.

ePatch 2024 Changelog V8.0:
- Compatible With New eFootball Version 3.1.
- Re-Updated Some Clubs Kits, Fonts & Numbers 23/24.
- Re-Adjusted kits Models, Collars & Configuration.
- Licensed Belgium Club: Club Brugge.
- Licensed National Teams: Ghana - Ecuador.
- Unlicensed Thai League Clubs (14/16).

eFootball 24 Patch Features:
- Fully Licensed All Premier League Clubs 2023/2024.
- Fully Licensed All Serie A Clubs 2023/2024.
- Fully Licensed All La Liga Clubs 2023/2024.
- Updated Super Hi-Quality Emblems For All Clubs.
- Updated Super Hi-Quality Emblems For All Competition.
- Champions League Replay Wipe Replaced efootball logo.
- Added Champions League Theme Scoreboard.
- Added New Real Animation Adboards.
- Updated All Clubs & National Teams Mini-Kits.
- Replaced Yellow-Blue Intro Video With Messi Intro 2024.
- Added Real Referee Kit Set Nike.
- Added 23/24 Kits For Brazil Club: Palmeiras.
- Added 23/24 Kits For USA Club: Inter Miami.
- Added 23/24 Kits For Belgium Clubs : Anderlecht FC - Club Brugge.
- Added 2023 Kits For Africa National Teams:
Morocco - Egypt - Senegal - Tunisia - Algeria
Nigeria -Cameroon - Côte d'Ivoire - Ghana
- Added 2023 Kits For Asia National Teams:
Saudi Arabia - South Korea - UAE - Iraq
Oman - Iran - China - Lebanon - Qatar - Australia
- Added 2023 Kits For Europe National Teams:
Sweden - Switzerland - Denmark
- Added 2023 Kits For N. America National Teams:
Mexico - USA
- Added 2023 Kits For S. America National Teams:
Uruguay - Colombia - Chile - Ecuador
- Unlicensed Division 2 Leagues (USA - Japan) + Thai League.

- Fully Compatible With Offline & Online Mode v3.2

eFootball 2024 ePatch by MODY 99
Thanks to ENDO, lennyhard & Cadi Lilian
Thanks to Mandbeyn - HLX - JPkits Kitmakers

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  1. hii how do you set it up? it downloads as an exe file so i cant extract it with winrar or anything.. can someone pls help me out?

    1. Just double click on the exe and the installation will start

  2. I installed in the correct folder. But there is nothing changed in the game. For example, I still cannot choose Juventus in normal game. Please help.

    1. check how Leroy describe the install process in the first version moddy99. You must change the dossier cpk and pak in the doss of steamapp efootball => pak & cpk. Don't forget save the original cpk and pak doss. Good luck

  3. I was very surprised to not have real names for clubs. It seems like the first thing to do in PES/eFootball. I guess it's something that is not possible to edit?

  4. I think it would be nice to answer questions... Every comment has to be accepted by moderation, so it is read. Why not answer?!

    1. Comment moderation is enabled to avoid spam and those who post links to dubious sites. Now, we receive a lot of comments every day and often we miss an answer or two, this is also due to lack of time (we also have a life after all) anyway, we thank you for your patience and for answering your question this patch DOES NOT contain the real names and other things like in PES, AND YES THE NAMES OF THE TEAMS CAN ALSO BE MODIFIED. You can try to do this with "eFootball Editor Tool Alpha Version" I don't know how to instruct you how to use this tool because I personally have never used it.

  5. With SteamDeck tried with protontricks and Steam with proton and failed..

  6. This patch can play in ps5????

  7. excellent mod ! celui-ci est totalement top! thanks you! My League, with it, will be much more realistic ! more different stadiums in futur and wait master league will be easy


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