eFootball 2024 Patch - ePatch V 5.0

eFootball 2024 Patch - ePatch Version 5.0
New eFootball 2024 Patch (ePatch Version 5.0) made by MODY_99 - This is a stand-alone AIO version no need for the previous version to be installed. This patch can also be used with the the no-crowd mod.

Version 5.0 Changelog:

  • Replaced Yellow-Blue Intro Video With Messi Intro 2024.
  • Updated All Added Clubs Kits To Season 23/24.
  • Added Real Emblems For Unlicenced Teams After eFootball 24.
  • Added Real Kits For Getafe - Flamengo - Torino - Brighton.
  • Added Real Kits For For National: USA - Nigeria.
  • Updated All Clubs & National Teams Mini-Kits.
  • Added New Animation Adboards.
  • Re-Adjusted kit settings For Many Teams.

Added 23/24 Kits For England Clubs:
- Manchester City
- Liverpool
- Chelsea
- Newcastle
- Tottenham
- West Ham
- Everton
- Aston Villa
- Fulham
- Wolverhampton
- Brighton

Added 23/24 Kits For Spain Clubs:
- Sevilla
- Villareal
- Real Madrid
- Atletico Madrid
- Valencia
- Real Sociedad
- Athletic Bilbao
- Real Betis
- Celta Vigo
- Real Mallorca
- Osasuna
- Getafe

Added 23/24 Kits For Italy Clubs:
- Juventus
- Udinese
- Fiorentina
- Bologna
- Empoli
- Torino

Added 23/24 Kits For Brazil Clubs: Palmeiras - Flamengo
Added 23/24 Kits For USA Club: Inter Miami

Added 2023 Kits For Some National Teams:
- Morocco
- Egypt
- Senegal
- Saudi Arabia
- Mexico
- Tunisia
- Algeria
- Uruguay
- Colombia
- Chile
- Nigeria

Thanks to ENDO, lennyhard & Cadi Lilian
Thanks to Kitmakers

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  1. top patch ! thanks for your world! now you will create space efootball2024 :) do you know if we can the last patch turf and screen by endo ? or it was for efootball 2023 only?

    1. I don't know if it still works with eFootball 2024. But I know that a new version will be updated and complemented soon

  2. By installing this patch can acounts be banned when we play efootball league ranking or any online match?

    1. I don't know that, so far no one has been banned because of this patch, but anyway if you decide to use it use it at your own risk

  3. Hi, excuse me. I just dowload this patch with mediafire. But after that, i don't know how to use this mod to my eFootball 2024. Can you show me how to use this mod correctly? The file format is .exe not .rar or something archive. Thank you btw :)

    1. Just double click on the exe file you would download and follow the steps - select your eFootball Folder when asked and and on...

  4. Added all teams for offline mode??

  5. Can you create eFootball 2024 FPS Limit for version 3.0? I'm using eFootball 2023 FPS Limit Patcher 1.20, but eFootball 2024 doesn't seem to be compatible. When playing, the fps is unstable. Thank you very much.

  6. Replies
    1. This is an old version that does not work with the new eFootball 2024 Update. I have updated the post and put a link with the latest version of the patch, check the link above


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