Weather Conditions for Teams v3.0 Released [PES 2021]

PES 2021 Weather Conditions for Teams v3.0 Released
Weather Conditions for Teams by datboij / Dragovic
Current version: 3.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 7.0.0 +

Revamped weather system with an actual attempt to simulate weather based on the team's location. You read that correctly: "Cold rainy night at Stoke" is now a reality.


Based on the team, the weather conditions will be set randomly. However, a little computation will be performed using probability to produce more realistic weather for each team.
See "content\weather-conditions\map_teams.csv" for all probabilities and defined weather alongside team IDs​

2 additional kinds of weather (Overcast and Flurries) were added to the default 4 (clear, overcast with rain, rain, and snow)​

Currently using values from FIFA 16 weather chart based on different nations. I took some creative liberty to change some values.​
e.g., for English teams, the weather will be rainier than in Spain :shiver:​

Fixes instances in which Cup matches have no weather variations. You may have observed, e.g., that UCL and UEL matches were always played in clear weather.​
Values are added for all European teams for now.​

Possible Bugs

Inaccurate values. However, datboij and I have tried to retain the correct values in the earlier version, but because we are not EU locals, we do not know if the weather is accurate. In this instance, we would require your assistance. Please let us know if you can provide reliable values for your favorite clubs or home team.

The home team's values will determine the weather for the final venue. Although I believe most of the finals are played in April and May, so I don't anticipate any problems here. Just throwing it out there.


Download WeatherConditionsforteams
Copy folders "content" and "modules" to your sider directory and overwrite the directories.
Add the following line to your sider.ini:
lua.module = "WeatherConditions.lua" code-box

Suggestions: If you want to add snow turf to any stadium, Moiduran2 has made incredible snow turf which enhances the effect of this mod.

Baris for making the weather conditions module
sanatxu for adapting the original weather conditions module for individual teams
A huge thanks to datboij for fixing a bug in sanatxu's code and providing most of the weather values

Download "Weather Conditions"
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