PES 2021 UEFA Champions League Animated Video Adboards

PES 2021 UEFA Champions League Animated Video Adboards
NEW 2023 UEFA Champions League Animated Video Adboards made for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 by Papijonnnn.

After hours of animating and fixing UV mapping in Blender Papijonnnn has released to you a new and updated Champions League Adboards based on the most recent UCL matches. This is compatible with Pred's Video "EvoAds" livecpk so if you use his video ads just simply copy, paste, and overwrite when prompted.

Credit to predator002 as Papijonnnn used his ads as a base as well as used some of his animations. Papijonnnn added a few newer Ad animations like Oppo, Turkish Airlines, FedEx, etc. again based on the Quarterfinal matches that were recently played. He also added a new feature that he's proud of and he sure many of you will like (see below):

As you can see, just like in real life in stoppage time or before and after a UEFA match, all UCL ads are present at the same time, perhaps one day some of the coders and modders can find a way to only make it display in stoppage time only? 

Papijonnnn has also done the same for both UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League and will release them in the coming days.

Things to note:

1. Because Papijonnnn had to alter the UV mapping to achieve this effect, any stadiums that were made by Papijonnnn or Captainblunt that have customized and/ or curved adboards are not supported YET. The video will appear oddly (image below) so for this reason I can release a separate version without the new feature (still with updated sponsors) or use preds original video ads that he updated in February. Papijonnnn may go back and fix certain ads like Etihad (Man. City) and London Stadium (West Ham) at some point.


2. This has been made to be compatible with predator002's Animated Video Adboards, so he kept his original file paths intact, same for my future UEL and UECL releases.
3. Please DO NOT use in any PAID patches or re-upload to any other sites, use original links always!

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Papijonnnn / new adboards update
predator002 / base mode
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  1. but pred have same animated adboard for ucl isn't ?

    1. these have some improvements (ignore the first replay, I messed up the answers)

  2. Replies
    1. You must already have predator002 Animated Video Adboards installed. You can find them with a simple google search. Then just simply copy, paste and overwrite when prompted.


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