PES 2021 BBC 1996 Scoreboard Version 2.0

PES 2021 BBC 1996 Scoreboard Version 2.0

PES 2021 BBC 1996 Scoreboard Version 2.0

Trevor Sports has been working with F1WWFC_07 to perfect the mid 90s BBC Scoreboard, looking at real screenshots from the 1996/97 Season on Match of the Day, building a 90s font that compliments the look (will also work with the sky sports 1997 Scoreboard to be released soon) they have the finished article.

NOTES: It recommends deleting the old BBC Scoreboard and replacing it with this new one, and to complement it, get the BBC Font V2 - HERE

How to Install the Font:
Extract and copy the "BBC Font V2" folder to ...Sider 7/livecpk folder
Then open sider.ini with any text editor and add the following line:
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\BBC Font V2" code-box

How to Install Scoreboard:
To set up your scoreboards in the scoreboard server place all the "BBC " folders in the scoreboard-server folder and add the following line in your map_competitions.txt file located in the scoreboard server folder:

# Exhibition
65535, BBC 1996 Generic

17, BBC 1996 EPL

# FA Cup
23, BBC 1996 FA Cup

# UEFA Cup
# Group Stage
5, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
1029, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
2053, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
3077, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
4101, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
5125, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
6149, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
7173, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
8197, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
9221, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
10245, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
11269, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
12293, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup
# Knockout Stage
6, BBC 1996 UEFA Cup code-box

Download "BBC 1996 Scoreboard V2"
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Credits: Trevor Sports, F1WWFC_07 

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