BROMI Human Gameplay for eFootball PES 2023

BROMI Human Gameplay for eFootball PES 2023

Unveiling Human Gameplay V18: What's New in eFootball (PES) 2023 by BROMI?

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! If you're an avid fan of eFootball (formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer or PES), you're in for a treat. The latest version, eFootball 2023, has just received an exciting update called Human Gameplay V18. While the developers, BROMI, have kept us guessing by not providing an official changelog, let's dive in and explore the changes we notice in this update.

First things first, what is Human Gameplay? Well, it's a feature in eFootball that aims to make the gameplay experience more realistic by adding human-like qualities to the virtual players. This includes improved decision-making, better positioning, and a greater emphasis on player attributes. With Human Gameplay V18, BROMI has likely introduced enhancements and adjustments to these aspects.

No changelog; let us know what changes you notice

It's worth mentioning that while the lack of an official changelog might make it difficult to identify all the changes in Human Gameplay V18, it also adds an element of surprise. As players, we get to explore and discover these changes firsthand, sharing our observations and experiences with fellow gamers.

So, let us know what changes you notice in Human Gameplay V18 of eFootball 2023 by BROMI. Share your discoveries, strategies, and experiences with fellow players. Together, we can unravel the mysteries of this exciting update and continue to enjoy the wonderful world of eFootball.

Game on, my friends!

28.05.2023 V18 - Set for Superstar level pass assist level 3 (semi-manual)

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PASSWORD: bromiv18

How to Use:

1. Go to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk and make a backup of your "dt270_console_all.cpk" file

2. Extract and copy the "dt270_console_all.cpk" file to ...Steam/steamapps/common/eFootball/cpk

Gameplay made by BROMI
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