PES 2021 Puskás Aréna (Budapest) by Papijonnnn

PES 2021 Puskás Aréna (Budapest) by Papijonnnn

The inspiration for this exceptional stadium came from a thrilling match between Ferencvaros and Leverkusen in the UEFA Europa League. The passion and excitement of the game ignited a spark in the creator's imagination, fueling the desire to create a stadium that would truly capture the essence of the sport. The intensity of the match and the electric atmosphere of the stadium left a lasting impression, and Papijonnnn was determined to bring that same energy and authenticity to life in the virtual world.

With a vision in mind, Papijonnnn embarked on the arduous task of designing a stadium that would surpass all expectations. The previous version of the stadium was decent but lacked proportion and accuracy in various aspects, including the VIP rooms, roof beams, and tunnel cutscenes. However, Papijonnnn was determined to rectify these issues and bring the stadium to life with painstaking attention to detail.

From Roof to Tunnel: Perfecting Every Aspect of the Stadium

Papijonnnn left no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection. The roof of the stadium was meticulously designed to be practically flawless, ensuring that every beam and detail was accurate and true to life. The VIP skybox/rooms were carefully crafted to exude luxury and opulence, complete with little lights, TVs, and other amenities that one would expect in a premium hospitality area. The tunnel cutscenes were also given special attention, with competition-specific cutscenes created as an add-on, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the overall experience.

The creator's ultimate goal was to create a stadium that would not only be visually stunning but also provide an unforgettable experience for gamers. With the attention to detail and authenticity infused into every aspect of the stadium, it is truly a masterpiece that sets the stage for personal cup finals in-game. Whether it's recreating the excitement of the UEFA Europa League final or hosting a custom cup final, this stadium is sure to provide an immersive and exhilarating experience for gamers around the world.

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ID Info:
  • Stadium ID: 009
  • Team ID: 2375 Ferencváros TC (SP football life 2023 ID)

How to Install the Stadium:

Installing the Puskás Aréna stadium mod is easy, and it only takes a few minutes. First, you'll need to download the stadium from the link below. Once you have the mod file, you'll need to extract it to your Stadium-Server folder ... sider\content \stadium-server

Open map_teams.txt with a text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt 
2375, 009, Puskás Aréna, Puskás Aréna   # Ferencváros code-box

Go to map_competitions.txt in your Stadium-Server folder then insert the following line:
0, 009, Puskás Aréna, Puskás Aréna, , , code-box

Extract and copy the "Puskás Aréna" folder inside the Stadium-Server folder ...sider/content/stadium-server

Once you are in-game you can select the stadium via manual selection by pressing number 9 and navigating to the stadium.

Download "Puskás Aréna"
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Credits: stadium made by Papijonnnn

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