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PES 2021 Scottish Leagues Add-on Patch

PES 2021 Scottish Leagues Add-on Patch

eFootball PES 2021 PC SPFL Championship, League One & League Two add-on for EvoWeb Patch made by scottish_carson.

This is a pretty basic patch that adds all 30 of the Cinch Championship, League One & League Two teams to the "Other European Teams" section of Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

- 30 teams added to the database
- Latest squads (up to the end of the January window) for those added teams using FM23 converted stats.
- Home, Away, Third (where applicable), and GK kits for those added teams.
- Correct logos for each added team.

- EvoWeb Patch (It is necessary to have already installed PES 2021 EvoWeb Patch 2023 Version 1.0)

How to Install:
 Ensuring the EvoWeb patch is correctly installed
- Download and extract "SPFL 22-23" to your livecpk folder
- Add the following line to your sider.ini, making sure it is ABOVE entries for the EvoWeb patch.
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\SPFL 22-23" code-box
- Delete any EDIT file you previously had (otherwise added teams won't show up)

- The patch was made by scottish_carson for his own enjoyment, so there are likely to be small bugs here and there. 
- If haven't included player or coach faces yet, mostly due to the amount of time it would take.
- Appearances are mostly randomly generated for players that had to be created, again due to time constraints.
- Player stats have mostly been converted from FM23 so they may well be out of sync with the rest of the game - this was the best way to get the SPFL teams to be somewhat relevant to each other but will do for folk who like the idea of being able to play with SPFL teams in offline modes.


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