PES 2021 Boots Addon AIO

PES 2021 Boots Addon AIO

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Eddyedwards10 Boot Pack Update add-on to Hoppus117’s last pack, find the download in the instructions below.

This pack should function with all patches, but Eddyedwards10 uses Smokepatch exclusively, so it can't currently guarantee 100% assignments if you use another patch. Nevertheless, most of the players will be covered.

How to install:
• Download and install (if not already done) Hoppus117's last boot pack here
• Download Boots Addon AIO 26-10-22 - DOWNLOAD
• In sider place the boot-AddOn folder into your livecpk folder
• Add the line: 
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\boot-AddOn” code-box
and make sure it is above any other bootpack in your sider ini.
• Place the CSV folder into your boot-root (this is optional - it depends if you wish to use Zlac’s boot boutique to make your own assignments at any point).

Eddyedwards10 • Gabriele-150115 for his tireless assignments • Mr Zero for incredible model conversions and constant checking for errors • Hoppus117 for leading us up this path ;) • bktr025 for his amazing League boots - great work my friend! • Paztor from Soccergaming for the Adizero textures and model • Alexbeckhs for helping with the Puma Fearless dots argggghhhh (still not sure its totally right mate but will revisit at some point!) John Roma for his incredible Smokepatch DB work • Fleishman for his incredible faces • My best buddy BM Kits for his support and his amazing skills for kits • Zlac for his boot boutique which is a total revelation in boot assignments • Juce who if not for him none of this would be possible and also various other Evoweb members who Eddyedwards10 have twisted the ear of in the past to work out different things.

This Mod is exclusive. All credits are reserved, it is forbidden to reload the mod on other hosters or create a cpk version.
If you are a private user, feel free to use our mod but non-profit.
Other Creators' patches or mods like ViruaRed, Smoke Patch, AndriPatch, and Dream Patch cannot use this mod unless authorized by myself “Eddyedwards10” .
Various sites "pesnewupdate" "pespatch" or youtuber "Gaming WitH TR" and others will have to follow the rules, only mega/MediaFire original links and sider version!
Any user who wants to use boots from my bootspack for your patch or mod must first request consent, if it does not happen it will be reported to the EvoWeb staff.

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  1. I have tried many times to install this mod and I have not succeeded :c


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