eFootball PES 2021 Baku Olympic Stadium

eFootball PES 2021 Baku Olympic Stadium

eFootball PES 2021 Baku Olympic Stadium by papijonnn - The largest stadium in Azerbaijan, Baku Olympic Stadium, was unveiled by "papijonnn" as a new stadium for the PC edition of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Due to complications with the conversion from PES 6 to PES 2020/2021, papijonnn decided to develop a fresh version of Baku Olympic Stadium from scratch to avoid any more errors.

Made the model and base of the stadium relatively fast however going back and perfecting the model as much as possible made this stadium take a bit longer to make than expected. A lot of detail went into this stadium such as changing LED glow panels depending on the competition or type of match being played. As seen below, for UCL matches, the panels are blue, and orange for UEL matches and if anyone is interested, I can make then for EURO 2020 and UEFA Super Cup as well in separate release. The previous version of this stadium had lots of issues in terms of scale and black spots appearing everywhere due to issues with conversion from PES 6 to PES 2020/2021, but this version, since it was from scratch, does not have this issue. Also editing the light files to increase the radius of the lighting in the stadium. Also via AddOn, you can choose between having the Green turf covering the running track, just like during the Euros or 2019 Europa League Final or you can disable it if you prefer the actual running track which is what is normally there for most matches played at this venue in real life. There are several other small details that I will let you guys discover.
P.S. I know some of the Staff aren't sitting on chairs, don't expect a fix any time soon


Team ID: 1168 Azerbaijan National Team
Stadium ID: 009

How to Install:
Extract PES Stadium with WinRAR and copy it to the Stadium-Server folder
... \content \stadium-server

Open map_teams.txt with a text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt 
1168, 009, Baku Olympic Stadium, Baku Olympic Stadium    # Azerbaijan code-box

Go to map_competitions.txt in your Stadium-Server folder then insert the following line:
0, 009, Baku Olympic Stadium, Baku Olympic Stadium, , , code-box

Extract and copy the "Baku Olympic Stadium" folder inside the Stadium-Server folder ...sider/content/stadium-server

Once you are in-game you can select the stadium via manual selection by pressing number 9 and navigating to the stadium.

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