eFootball Master League Will Be Available As Paid DLC

eFootball "PES 2022" Master League As Paid DLC

eFootball "PES 2022" Master League As Paid DLC

Pro Evolution Soccer's "Master League" debuted more than two decades ago. Players must build and manage their own squad in this game. This mode has become significant to PES fans because you may play it indefinitely - there is no ultimate goal; you simply keep developing your squad until it becomes unstoppable.

Master League will remain available despite the modifications and the fact that the game is now free to play. Konami disclosed a little more about the monetization of the upcoming eFootball, stating that the famous Master League will be returning and that those interested in purchasing it separately, like other single-player modes, could do so.

According to the official Twitter page, the DLC may not be accessible when the game is first released "will be sold in the future as optional DLC on all compatible devices." 

Other offline game mods are also slated to become optional DLC, so it's not only Master League that will be accessible.

For the time being, that's all we know about the Master League DLC. We still don't know when will it be made accessible or how much it will cost. 

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