PES 2021 Season Update Boots Pack V 6.5 AIO

PES 2021 Season Update Boots Pack V 6.5 AIO

Hoppus 117 eFootball PES 2021 Season Update Boots Pack V 6.5 AIO W/last Gabri's Boots Assignment (24/05/2021)

Please read Log V 6.5, Warnings and the FAQ I wrote, before asking questions, there may already be the answer you were looking for!!!

100 Boots
30 Gloves
314 Hidden boots
19 Hidden GK gloves

New Adds:
Added New Nike Impulse pack in boots pack
Added New Nemeziz Messi Signature Gold Boots in hidden mode (there is no official name yet)
Added New Nike x Skepta Phantom SK worn by M. Greenwood
Added New Balance Furon V6 + Sadio Mané x New Balance Boots
Added Nike Tech Craft Pack in hidden mode
Added more Hidden retro boots for many players who wear them

100% compatibility with EvoWeb Patch V 4 + Volume Update

PES 2021 NEW Boots

Boots&Gloves Assignments Lastest Update 24/05/2021 by gabriele-150115:
Serie A TIM
Serie BKT
Premier League (EPL)
Championship (EFL)
Ligue 1 Conforama
Domino's Ligue 2
Liga Santander
Liga Nos
Spor Toto Süper Lig
Premier Liga Russa
Jupiler Pro League
Ladbrokes Premiership
3F Superliga
Raiffeisen Super League
Liga Smartbank
Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
Campeonato Brasileiro Série B

Other Teams in other leagues (Imported assignments from DLC 6.0)

PES 2021 Gloves

How to normal install:
Delete all previous versions of my "bootspack" and "boot-root" (This Is an AIO Version and include boots assignment of @gabriele-150115 )
Extract the "boot-root" folder in the archive "Hoppus 117 eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE BOOTS PACK V 6.5 AIO" on your desktop
Copy and paste the "boot-root" folder in your \\sider-7.0.2 or +\livecpk folder
Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\sider-7.0.2 or +) and copy the command line
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\boot-root" code-box
placing it on top (1st place in the list of live cpk) if you have other mods installed. IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini (more details here), File/save.

How to install in EwoWeb Patch V 4 with all Volume Update:
Delete previous "Boots & Gloves" folder in \\sider-7.0.2 or +\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch folder
Extract the "boot-root" folder in the archive "Hoppus 117 eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE BOOTS PACK V 6.5 AIO " on your desktop
Rename the "boot-root" folder in "Boots-Gloves"
Copy and paste the "Boots-Gloves" folder in \\sider-7.0.2 or +\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch folder

Q: Does this Bootspack work on Pes 20?
A: I don't know, I no longer have Pes 20 installed on my pc for months now, you can try but I don't take any responsibility or technical support, the mod was designed and studied for Pes 21 season update.

Q: I don't see the assignment made to "Dude", why?
A: Try to restore that player's appearance to default (Y button on XB pad or Triangle on PS pad).

Q: Why only 100 boots and 30 gloves not more in edit mode?
A: The maximum slot limit for boots and gloves has been reached (100 boots and 30 gloves) in edit mode, all old packs are inserted in hidden mode and you can read them in the "hidden boots list" or "hidden glove list" file.

Q: Why in the Spanish second division - in Serie B - Turkish League and other and other again all the players have a black boot?
A: well, this is the question that bothers me the most ... which I have answered so many times and no one has ever read. Guys, gabriele and I do another job in real life, like us and like all of you. We are not paid by anyone and our passion is pure, and if you have a little common sense and a lot of patience over the months we will come to have all the official pes 2021 season update leagues assigned. I hope I was clear!

Q: Can I use this pack with other creators' bootspacks or Glovespack?
A: No, because the pack has a structure of IDs and 3D models that are not compatible with other packs.

Q: Can I use this bootspack on other patches than the Evoweb patch or PS4-style OF?
A: Yes and no, as long as the id of the real players are the default konami ones to see the assignments; aside for the Bundesliga or any other league you have entered DIY, you may see players with wrong shoes or even without feet. So my advice is to use the EWP.

Q: Can you assign boots and gloves to my fantasy team in ML or BAL?
A: No, we do not make assignments to fictional players, such questions will be ignored.

Hoppus117 Boots Maker
Tisera09 Boots&Gloves
The Moroccan
Topik KB
Devil Cold52

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