PES 2021 ML Manager Mod

PES 2021 ML Manager Mod

PES 2021 ML Manager Mod by SoulBallZ

This mod is a continuation of SoulBallZ Legends Coach Pack for PES 2020, but this time he decided to only focus on real managers. Last year's Legends Coach Pack mostly included myClub Legends because at that time it was the most practical way (easy to add, high quality/bug-free faces, easy to maintain) for adding coaches to Master League. On the other hand, having young legends as coaches isn't the most realistic. It was good because we had a lot of options to choose from but it wasn't realistic. 

This year SoulBallZ wanted to increase the realism of the mod so we can have as realistic Master League experience as possible. That's why he decided to only include real managers. This means the mod will be more compact with much less options to choose from but it will include some of the most successful and popular managers.

This version includes around 30+ managers, so we will have around 50-60 managers (with default managers included) to choose from. In future releases, SoulBallZ will try to add more managers if possible but only if the quality meets his standards. 

The purpose of this mod is to add quality managers and not to add as many managers as possible. SoulBallZ's approach is always quality over quantity.

The mod will be compatible with EvoWeb Patch.

Notes: Make sure you are on the latest Data Pack (3.0) before installing this mod. This mod is designed for offline play. You have to Turn off Live Updates/Enable netblock.lua to prevent future database crashes. It's not compatible yet with EvoWeb Patch (because of the new DLC) but I will release compatibility updates for future EvoWeb Patch versions.

Mod Features:
- 39 new Managers added to Master League.
- New face for Guardiola.
- Unique Player IDs for all Managers.
- Authentic appearances for all Managers.
- Fixed/Edited/Improved Manager faces.
- Correct Mini faces for all Managers.
- All faces are relinked in Blender to make the face folder cleaner.
- Manager ID List included.
- Compatible with Data Pack 3.0
- Future compatibility with EvoWeb Patch.

Database, Manager Appearances, Fixed/Edited/Improved Faces, Face Relinks, Minifaces SoulBallZ
Help, Bug Fixes Ummah Qiya

ML Manager Tool v1.0 razor87
PES 2020 Editor ejogc327
PES 2021 Ftex Converter, PES File Crypter 2021 Devil Cold52
PES Archive Tools Atvaark
Face/Hair Modifier Tools MJTS-140914
CG Pes Explorer shawminator
Sider juce

Special thanks to all the Facemakers! This mod could not have been created without them:
Lucas Eduardo
Ummah Qiya
YeshuaFacemaker (Twitter)
pes_faces (Twitter)
StelsFacemaker (Twitter)

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