PES 2021 ALL Premier League Stadiums Pack - Season 2020/2021

PES 2021 ALL Premier League Stadiums Pack - Season 2020/2021

We have put all the stadiums in the Premier League season 2020 - 2021 in one place to be easier to find so that you guys do not have to search each stadium separately all over the internet. 

This package contains the stadiums of 18 teams from the Premier League new season 2020 - 2021, the other two are already included in the game (Old Trafford and Emirates Stadium). All stadiums are of the highest quality available.

As download options we put links for each stadium separately, so you can download only the stadiums you need or you can download the AIO version and download all the stadiums at once. 

In order for all stadiums to function properly, you may need to download a few additional files, such as the turf mod by Endo or others. alert-info

Download AIO version
Download all the stadiums at once.


ShareMods part 1/download/button ShareMods part 2/download/button

Download separately
Each stadium separately - download only the stadium you need.

Amex Stadium - Brighton & Hove Albion download
Anfield Road - Liverpool download
Bramall Lane - Sheffield United download
Craven Cottage - Fulham download
Elland Road - Leeds United download
Etihad Stadium - Manchester City download
Goodison Park - Everton download
King Power Stadium - Leicester City download
London Stadium - West Ham United download
Molineux - Wolverhampton download
Selhurst Park - Crystal Palace download
St. James Park - Newcastle United download
St. Marys Stadium - Southampton download
Stamford Bridge - Chelsea download
The Hawthorns - West Bromwich Albion download
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur download
Turf Moor - Burnley download
Villa Park - Aston Villa download

How To Install:

Note: Make sure you have the turf mod by Endo HERE If you have not, errors may occur in the field of some stadiums.

How to Install AIO version
Download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, and copy the extracted folder to the Stadium-Server folder
... sider\content \stadium-server

Open map_teams.txt with a text editor and copy these lines inside map_teams.txt
377, 009, Amex Stadium, EPL/Amex Stadium # Brighton & Hove Albion
103, 007, Anfield Road, EPL/Anfield Road # Liverpool 
4194, 009, Bramall Lane, EPL/Bramall Lane # Sheffield United 
178, 019, Craven Cottage, EPL/Craven Cottage # Fulham 
104, 009, Elland Road, EPL/Elland Road # Leeds United 
173, 009, Etihad Stadium, EPL/Etihad Stadium # Man City 
177, 009, Goodison Park, EPL/Goodison Park # Everton 
204, 065, King Power Stadium, EPL/King Power Stadium # Leicester City 
105, 009, London Stadium, EPL/London Stadium # West Ham United 
208, 009, Molineux Stadium, EPL/Molineux # Wolverhampton 
382, 009, Selhurst Park, EPL/Selhurst Park # Crystal Palace 
106, 009, St. James Park, EPL/St. James Park # Newcastle United 
207, 009, St. Marys Stadium, EPL/St. Marys Stadium # Southampton 
102, 009, Stamford Bridge, EPL/Stamford Bridge # Chelsea code-box
399, 013, The Hawthorns, EPL/The Hawthorns # West Bromwich Albion 
179, 065, Tottenham Stadium, EPL/Tottenham Hotspur Stadium # Tottenham 
378, 009, Turf Moor, EPL/Turf Moor # Burnley 
107, 009, Villa Park, EPL/Villa Park # Aston Villa code-box

How to Install version separately
Extract the downloaded Stadium with WinRAR and copy to the Stadium-Server folder
... sider\content \stadium-server

Add the stadium to your map_teams.txt
Example Amex Stadium
377, 009, Amex Stadium, EPL/Amex Stadium # Brighton & Hove Albion
337 (Team ID), 009 (Stadium ID), Amex Stadium (the name to display in the game), EPL/Amex Stadium (location of the stadium and the name of the stadium folder)

- FAQ -
Where can I find a Team ID?
Search a team on and observe the link:
In this case, the Team ID is 327.

Where can I find Stadium ID?
Go to common/render/thumbnail/stadium and the ID is that written in Image Name, for example, st009, 009 is the ID.

lohan258 (Arthur Torres), _The SpecialOne_, captain8lunt


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    1. I apologize I forgot, the password is

  2. thx you very much. Great work.

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  5. i don't have stadium server in my sider file, i use codex version

    1. you must install the stadium server, follow the steps from this tutorial

  6. Is there a tutorial on how this all works? I am not able to see any of the stadiums.

  7. I got it to load but all I can't see the stadium. Any advice?

  8. Pls I'm using smokepatch21 I've tried to add up de stadiums but not working. .any help pls....

  9. I've done everything required however when i select the stadium on the overlay the thumbnail is missing and the pitch is just a dark screen? Any advice please on what might be stopping it from displaying?


    1. There must be a mistake in the map, make sure you have put the correct stadium or team id, or the stadium name


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