PES 2021 Season Update Review

PES 2021 Season Update Review

Season Update Review by PES Modding 

As you may be aware, as of the 15th September 2020 PES received a new season update in lieu of releasing a fully-fledged title like it’s closest competitor FIFA 21. While this was initially seen as a shocking choice by developers Konami, in light of the recent outbreak and the impact that it has had both on the games industry and the world of football, we can see the logic behind polishing last year’s edition and making as many resources available for the development of next year’s title.

Many assumed that this game would be an arbitrary list of changes that wouldn’t change the overall dynamic, gameplay, or aesthetic of the previous title and for the most part, they were right. This update controls expectation by not forcing players into paying the full retail price for a rushed title but ultimately, it feels like the same game from last year that had begun to feel cumbersome and repetitive with little offered to change fans' opinion.

What’s New

The update does bring along a number of new features to the game that may entice fans to keep playing this one instead of jumping ship to FIFA. Alongside the obvious update to the team’s rosters throughout the transfer period, the game also changes gameplay with subtle little tweaks. The aspects of gameplay that once caused frustration are now much tighter and control exponentially better than before. The finesse dribbling, advanced shooting, and collision system have all been given a facelift, leading to much more responsive and authentic matches, leading too much less clunky tackles or wild shots over the bar.

The AI has also been given a little bit of a debuff, meaning that if you nail these advanced skills, you’ll be in on goal with much more frequency but aside from that, there isn’t much else to say. PES has managed to retain its partnerships with teams such as Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Juventus in the licensing department but aside from that, that’s where the praise stops

Problems Persist 

Even with the new season update, there are still the same underlying issues that this game fails to resolve. The UI for this title remains as obtuse as it ever has been, making menuing a chore at the best of times. Master League and all other single-player game modes have remained untouched in this update, in keeping with the notion that PES is an online-focused title. However, this would all be fine if the PES Ultimate Team equivalent ‘Myclub’ delivered some new content. Sadly though, aside from some new legends packs and more chances to earn coins, it remains completely identical. Although, it is quite nice that we don’t have to start from scratch again.

As Expected 

Score: 6.5/10

On a base level, you have to give Konami a lot of respect for not giving into temptation and releasing a rushed full title. It perhaps goes to show that the company is looking to change it’s ways since the whole Hideo Kojima debacle and shed its ties to corruption and corporate greed and by all accounts, we commend that. However, this update is mediocre at best. There is no unique aspect to draw players back in, there’s no marque feature that will draw new players to the game. All this update does is neatly repackage what you already own and have you pay £25.00 for the privilege of owning it for another year. If you’re a die-hard PES fan, we're sure you won’t mind parting with a smaller sum to keep playing online with your buddies but as a neutral in the PES/FIFA debate, it’s hard to argue on this side of PES this year.

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